Low Supplies Of Toll Free. But Subscribers Can Still Get Good Custom Numbers.

Although recurring news reports have revealed a drastic reduction in accessible, quality, toll free numbers nationwide, there are still ways to get a good custom number. Supplies of numbers may, indeed, be low however there are still carriers that can provide their customers with a good supply of toll free numbers that will suit the needs of their business or non-profit. The trick is to research carriers and find one that offers an ample pool of numbers. Subscribers can still attain good numbers from experienced and reliable carriers.


Waiting to Order a Toll Free Could Be a Big Mistake

With the supply of available 800 numbers dwindling and no immediate plans by the FCC to launch additional numbers, experts advise that business owners and others interested in securing an 800 number should invest today.

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FCC Becoming More Vigilant

The FCC has been clamping down on violations of Section 251 (e) of the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits the warehousing and hoarding of numbers. To ensure that toll free numbers are distributed in a fair and equitable way, the FCC is taking a close look at suspect activity. Recently they threatened an $11,000 daily fine to the owners of a California company for improper toll free use. This followed a string of unrelated instances, including at least one owner’s attempt to sell his numbers on eBay.