Mass Misdial Marketing

A new trend is emerging where marketers are using 800 numbers to direct unsuspecting callers to a company they didn’t mean to call.  You may have done it yourself;  you dial an 800 number and hear an advertisement for something you didn’t expect to hear, or even worse, you are forwarded to an 976 /900 number and you are charged for the call that you thought was toll-free.  We call it Mass Misdial Marketing.

What is Mass Misdial Marketing?

It’s when a company aquires a massive amount of phone numbers with the intention on advertising to callers.  Oftentimes these toll-free numbers are aquired as soon as a legitimate user of the toll free number forgets to reregister it as has been seen a couple times in the news lately.

There is a push in regulation to ban the pratice of forwarding a toll-free call to a pay-per-call service, but there are no regulations against a company aquiring a massive amount of toll-free numbers and using them for legitimate advertising purposes.