Free Cell Service provided to Low-Income Citizens

Free cell phones are now being provided to needy residents of the U.S. The program is called SafeLink and is intended for low-income families and anyone receiving Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income and other government assistance programs. Safelink is being hailed as a safety program for those who cannot afford phones to stay in touch with […]


eHarmony Exposes Customer Data – eMail Spam, the self-proclaimed “#1 Trusted Online Dating Site” has been accused of leaking customer data to outside 3rd parties which are now spamming eHarmony customers.

The eMail privacy breach was detected by an eHarmony user who uses unique eMail addresses in the websites of major companies to test for spam. If the user begins getting spam to their unique email address, then the company is either sending spam or has revealed its email database to a third party.

In the case of eHarmony, the proposed eMails are comming from at least one rouge entity: in an email saying that you can save thousands by signing up for, a spam scam.

eHarmony users should be cognisant of spam and aware that eHarmony is not protecting your personal data in the way that most would expect.

The eHarmony forums have multiple people complaining that they are getting a lot of spam AFTER signing up for eHarmony. Beware.