Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from everyone at SMSGOV. We send out our gratitude and best wishes to all military, past and present. To help some of our heroes wounded in combat, call 1-877-TEAM-WWP.

What is Mass Misdial Marketing?

There have been many news reports recently about organizations losing their toll free number only to have it snagged up by a sex hotline.  It’s called Mass Misdial Marketing or MMM for short.  It’s a term coined by “Earl Bannon” of the Toll-free Advisory Committee in 2002.

SMSGOV has been pushing a grassroots federal bill to limit the acceptable uses of Mass Misdial Marketing.  SMSGOV has been in contact with multiple news sources and popular internet bloggers familiarizing them with Mass Misdial Marketing and steering them toward pushing the agenda that Mass Misdial Marketing should be limited.

We’d like to thank Earl Bannon for his work on Mass Misdial Marketing and for everyone involved for educating the industry on MMM.

Mass Misdial Marketing Articles from 2002


855 Success Evident in Small Company Use

At one time, the majority of toll free phone service users were large corporations. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes use toll free numbers to attract and retain customers. And it has never been more evident than with the huge success of the new 855 toll free number series. Small businesses nationwide are discovering 855 toll free telephone numbers which are easily matched for a domain name, or a business name. Small companies nationwide are learning the advantages of affordable toll free service through 855 numbers.

855 Numbers Still in Abundance

855 toll free telephone numbers, newly available as of the fall of 2010, have proven extremely popular. While thousands upon thousands of these numbers have already been secured by subscribers, there are still ample supplies left, These new batch of numbers allow businesses more creativity to match a domain name, a company name or slogan. Contact a provider to find out more information on obtaining an 855 phone number.

Fifth Day of Devastating Tornadoes. 1-800-REDCROSS

There have been five straight days of devastating tornadoes in the Mid-West this week, leaving hundreds dead and thousands of properties destroyed. To help, call 1-800-REDCROSS.

Memorial Day Weekend Travel

Gas prices nationwide dipped this week and are expected to continue to drop through the Memorial Day weekend, prompting more holiday travel than initially expected. And along with these travel plans, we expect to see a boon in toll free telephone number usage this week. 1-800 numbers will be used to make plans for hotels, air travel, and for tickets to shows and major league baseball games. Toll free and travel plans go hand in hand and with the (slight) decrease in gasoline prices this week, Memorial Day travel plans are on the rise.

844 Area Code Series

On the heels of the success of the 855 toll free telephone numbers, we are fielding a great many questions about the next series of toll-the 844 numbers. We are  awaiting word on the release of the 844 area code series. We re confident that since the 855 numbers have been so successful, there is no doubt that the 844 numbers will will coming along within the next year or so.

855 and The Economy Upswing

Every week we here about a slight new boost on the economy–small businesses are beginning to open and grow. The 855 toll free telephone numbers, released for use last fall, added millions of new toll free combinations into the telecommunications industry and when the 844 telephone numbers are released, millions more will become available. New businesses and non-profits are opening nationwide and these new toll free telephone numbers will help build business and sustain growth.

New 855 Numbers Appear Throughout National Advertising

We began seeing a rush for the new 855 numbers at companies nationwide and it continues. These 855 toll free phone numbers are being used for small businesses and for large corporations in every state in the nation. They are as popular as we suspected they would be. The upcoming 844 numbers, we predict, will be equally as successful.

Government Toll Free from Federal to Community 1-800

We all know there are hundreds of federal toll free phone numbers to offer resources and information. But in recent years the state offices have implemented toll free numbers to provide information on weather, travel conditions, social services and more.  And it doesn’t stop there. We have noticed that some local communities throughout the nation, especially locales that are vacation spots or tourist destinations also now have 1-800 numbers available. These local toll free numbers provide travelers with all the information that a traditional chamber of commerce or visitors center would offer.