As one of the largest and most well known advisory committees for toll free numbers, SMSGOV works closely to aggregate news and information involving Responsible Organizations and regulatory agencies including the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and the Service Management System (SMS800.)  SMSGOV and the Toll free Advisory Committee has multiple tiers of membership depending on your needs.


Activate an OBSERVER Membership (free)

Citizens of the United States and Canada are invited to join and read news and publications published by the SMSGOV.  Observers have access to behind the scenes news that is not publicly posted on the SMSGOV website.

If you are a qualified:


Activate a Social Membership (see dues)

The SMSGOV relies on the strength of its volunteers to continue its mission. Volunteering with the Tollfree Advisory Committee is the first step in taking advantage of a membership in our organization. It gives you the opportunity to directly contribute to the committee using your time and talents, while simultaneously growing professionally and developing lasting relationships with other telecom leaders.

Some benefits of being a member of the SMSGOV include:

  • a Link to you from the SMSGOV website
  • a Site Badge announcing yourself as an approved SMSGOV provider
  • Member to member communication
  • Contribute articles and news to
  • Be recognized by other telecom leaders
  • Plus more

To join or to find out more on becoming a member of the Tollfree Advisory Comittee, please send an email request to:

domain [@]

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