$11,000 fine for selling a toll free number

According to the FCC, anyone who is caught hoarding or selling toll free numbers will face severe penalties. In the past these have included an $11,000 fine per incident.
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Reports of Possible Meltdown within Toll Free Sector

Recent reports have referred to the situation as the ‘the perfect storm” meaning the shortage of numbers, the soaring demand, and the failure of the federal government to release reserved numbers have all collided to create a situation in which rationing, an embargo or even a complete depletion of 800 numbers is possible.

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Choose the Provider that you Percieve to be Best

WSJ Suggests That 800 Number Use Will Increase in Ressionary Times

Wall Street Journal:

In an uncertain environment, advertisers will also want to shift more of their advertising budgets to direct response (that use 1-800-number advertisements) and away from brand advertising.

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Toll-free Phone Service Applications On The Rise

In recent years, an average of 8,000 new toll free numbers have been doled out each day from the main database of available numbers, managed by the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800). With 800 numbers bursting in popularity while the supply of available numbers shrinks, insiders say the number of daily applications could double by the end of the year.

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Advisory Warning: Cyber Attack in 2009?

RespORG’s are being advised that the U.S. federal government is preparing contingency plans for numerous (potential foreseeable) disasters in 2009 including a massive cyber attack.

RespORG’s should take this opportunity to test and ensure the security of their computer systems and develop their own updated internal plans for a potential cyber attack.

Microsoft Patches 13 Year Old Security Hole in IE

Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s flagship web browser is due to receive a security patch today to resolve a 13 year old security hole in the browser that Microsoft says is a critical and severely needed update. Without it, all of IE users info can be leaked over the web. 10 Million PC’s are already known to be infected.