Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers are being utilized by small businesses and entrepreneurs more than ever before.

There are now five toll-free area codes to choose from including the 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855.

Companies interested in obtaining a 1-800 number can check out  for a list of organizations responsible for toll-free numbers and 800 number related services.



Featured Phone Company: TollfreeNumber.ORG

We are highlighting a special phone company today. TollfreeNumber.ORG for 800 numbers and Toll free numbers. This company has been operating in the 800 toll-free business since the late 90’s. They have an excellent reputation in the telecom industry and among their customers. They have contributed to the vast database of telecom knowledge now available on the Internet helping educate people and promote awareness about toll-free telephone numbers.

There are hundreds of choices you can choose when establishing your phone service for your business, TollfreeNumber.ORG is just one of many great companies out there that will come highly recommended. You can view our provider list to view a full list of approved providers.

Ramped Up Marketing with Toll Free Service

Toll free telephone service adds a new level of ramped up marketing for any type of business or non-profit–especially in the 21st century when the majority of advertising is online and customers want to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. When a customer cannot easily locate a telephone number on a website or ad, they look elsewhere. By providing easy-to-locate toll free phone numbers, businesses add this new dimension and reap the benefits of a 1-800 marketing number.

Toll Free Making The News for Decades

We found several 30-40 year old news articles on toll free phone numbers. Shows there have been creative uses for toll free for decades now.

NFL Toll Free Numbers Active In Anticipation of the 2012 Season

Until last week, the 2012 NFL season was a big question mark. But with both sides coming to an agreement, at the eleventh hour, the NFL is scurrying to make plans to coordinate ticket sales, organize pre-season games and events, promote giveaways and more. Fans are contacting the individual teams’ toll free telephone numbers to try make plans for the season, starting in a just a couple of weeks. With the whole season in jeopardy until late July–when pre-seasons games typically are already going on–the NFL toll free numbers are lighting up as fans and the teams get organized as fast as possible.

The 855 Numbers Looming Large

The 855 toll free telephone numbers are a major commodity and are being used by hundreds of thousands of business owners, professionals, government agencies, utility companies and more. We have no official word yet on the timeline for the release of the next batch of toll free number area codes–the 844 numbers–but we expect this to be within the next year or so. In the meantime, there are plenty of custom 855 numbers left in play.

855 Travels

The travel industry uses 1-800 telephone numbers in nearly every capacity. When is the last time you called a hotel or airline and it wasn’t a toll free call? It’s the standard. Now, we are seeing more 855 numbers related to travel businesses.  In fact, we saw two nationally televised 855 toll free telephone numbers this holiday weekend. 855 is gaining steam and becoming widely recognized as a toll free telephone number. In the six months since the 855 numbers were released they have soared to success.

Happy Independence Day Weekend

Happy Fourth of July weekend from everyone at SMSGov!

1-800 Numbers on Your Receipts

Looked at your receipt lately after you have shopped at a large chain store? Chances are it includes a 1-800 number for a survey and a chance to win a shopping spree to that store or its affiliates. Marketing and 1-800 numbers have always gone hand-in-hand but this summer most of the large companies are including these opportunities for a chance to win along with collection of customer info and feedback. It is beneficial to the customer and it helps the companies.

Reality TV Connects With Viewers Via Toll Free

Reality television has become the main source of entertainment televised on network, and cable, stations in the past decade. And the  contest/competition programming regularly use toll free telephone numbers to connect with viewers and to gauge popularity of the performers, whether they are singing, dancing or displaying other talents. These popular competition shows rely on toll free phone numbers to meter viewership, allows audience participation and gives clues to which segments and components of these shows resonate with the audience, and which do not. Toll free, in these cases, is used for marketing at its best.