Reality TV Connects With Viewers Via Toll Free

Reality television has become the main source of entertainment televised on network, and cable, stations in the past decade. And the  contest/competition programming regularly use toll free telephone numbers to connect with viewers and to gauge popularity of the performers, whether they are singing, dancing or displaying other talents. These popular competition shows rely on toll free phone numbers to meter viewership, allows audience participation and gives clues to which segments and components of these shows resonate with the audience, and which do not. Toll free, in these cases, is used for marketing at its best.


Toll Free Helps Finding Parking Spaces?

Another interesting and creative use for toll free phone numbers–This is according to

Starting yesterday, drivers are able to pay for parking in downtown CARTA lots using their cell phones. Chattanooga is the first city in Tennessee to adopt technology made available by Parkmobile, a global company seeking to bring innovative technologies to the simple concept of paid parking. 

The service, which is offered free of charge to the city, will require drivers to pay an extra 35 cent service charge for every transaction made using the technology. Parking can purchase time through a smartphone app, or by calling a toll free number. 



Wisconsin Toll Free Lines Flooded

The toll free telephone hotline for Wisconsinites to get in touch with their legislators is temporarily disconnected. It’s been shut down since Friday, due to the crush of calls from people weighing in on the proposed public union cutbacks. Toll free lines are commonplace in local and state governments. Constituents can call government officials and agencies for help with inquiries and resources. In Wisconsin this week, the lines have been overwhelmed as residents flood the capital with concerns about major budget changes.


Federal 800 Number Helps Aging

This week, the Federal Administration on Aging unveils its new 1-800 elder care locator. Anyone who dials the toll free telephone number, 800-677-1116, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time weekdays will speak to a representative prepared to answer questions about government services and refer seniors and caregivers to local agencies that can help.

Recognizing The Advantages of Toll Free

Business owners who do not have a toll free phone number are at a disadvantage these days. Subscribers for toll free service continue to rise every single day, even with the supplies so limited. The many advantages of having a toll free phone number are becoming more and more well known. And all four toll free area codes are now widely recognized as a free phone call. By using toll free services, any company can expand, grow and beat the downturn caused by the 2009 recession.