100th Birthday For Small Town Phone Company

In 1909, Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Chapin began serving customers. Last month, the business celebrated its centennial anniversary with an open house celebration. The venture originally serviced four Michigan townships: Chapin and Brady in Saginaw County and Fairfield and Rush in Shiawassee County. As the farming community grew, lines were built throughout the area, and residents who wanted phone service were required to put up the poles themselves. As they did this, some became stockholders. Service dues were as low as $8 per year, and collected twice a year in January and July.
How times have changed…..now, any customer can instantly set up a personal toll free number that rings to any phone they choose, wherever they are, 24/7.


Steep Fines for Selling Toll Free Number

According to the FCC, anyone who is caught hoarding or selling toll free numbers will face severe penalties. In the past these have included an $11,000 fine per incident.

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A Vehicle, Computer, and Toll Free Replaces Traditional Office

Saw an article in the Times about the new trend toward mobile offices replacing the traditional office space. Professionals and salespersons are ditching their expensive office space and running their business from their cars. With a laptop, cell phone and a toll free number, they can travel anywhere and stay in touch with clients. No rent, no utility bill. Everything they need is in their vehicle and with a toll free number, customers and clients can reach them anywhere at any time. When they go home, the whole office goes inside with them.

Keeping Profits Up Through Toll Free

Economic stress in late 2008 and the first half of 2009 has led to the closings of thousands of retail stores. Nonetheless, many of these companies have stayed profitable through phone and web sales. The majority of sales from catalogue and websites are still made through toll free phone calls. And these days, large chain stores like WalMart and Target offer shoppers the convenience of buying over the phone (800-966-6546 WalMart; 800-440-0680, Target). Toll free has helped many retail companies, large and small, stay afloat during this recession.

Who’s Your Favorite Toll Free Provider?

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Our Advice Helps Subscribers Use Toll Free Effectively

When advising our toll free customers, it is important that we steer them toward selecting a number that suits their company image and one that can be easily recalled by their consumers and clients. We also must take the time to remind them to always include their 800 numbers on your business cards, brochures, website, and to advertise the number liberally. Our advice as telecommunications experts is invaluable to business owners using toll free as a marketing strategy.

Experts Forsee Rise In Toll-free Phone Service Applications

For several months now, industry insiders have been advising anyone looking for a toll free number to secure one immediately. The warnings are apparently sinking in– applications for 800 numbers are at an all-time high as subscribers try to obtain a number while there are still some remaining.

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Easy Link To Hundreds of Federal Toll Free Numbers

Looking for a federal government toll free number? Go to http://www.info.gov/toll-free.htm or call 1-800-FED-INFO. The U.S. Government utilizes hundreds of toll free numbers to provide information and services in every topic from consumer protection to health care to financial matters.

Advisory Warning: Cyber Attack in 2009?

RespORG’s are being advised that the U.S. federal government is preparing contingency plans for numerous (potential foreseeable) disasters in mid to late 2009 or possibly early 2010 including a massive cyber attack.

RespORG’s should take this opportunity to test and ensure the security of their computer systems and develop their own updated internal plans for a potential cyber attack.

Toll Free Hoarding

The FCC began investigating hoarding of 800 numbers as far back as 1995, but despite the subsequent release of 888, 877, and 866 pre-fixes, the practice continues to grow along with the skyrocketing popularity of toll free service. Hoarding by individual subscribers is lillegal. A subscriber may not acquire more toll-free numbers than they intend to use. By FCC definition, “hoarding” also includes “brokering” toll-free numbers for a fee.