Your 800 number: it”s a powerful marketing tool

Nonprofits have traditionally viewed toll-free numbers simply as transaction facilitators, nothing more than a vehicle for members or donors to call in for information, to order a product, inquire about an open issue, or occasionally, make a donation.

All this is changing, though, with customer relationship marketing (CRM), or more appropriately, donor relationship marketing (DRM). DRM is taking a prominent place in the strategic thinking of many nonprofits. Development professionals are becoming more and more aware of the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between their organization and its constituents while maximizing long term financial support with each and every point of contact.

An 800 number can be a powerfully effective tool for acquiring new donors, upgrading, increasing long term value, etc. Virtually all of the same objectives of outbound direct marketing can be achieved through the use of the toll-free number, sometimes even more effectively. To best achieve your objective, you must develop effective pre, intra, and post call strategies.