855 Benefits To Small Companies

Small businesses across the Untied States are discovering how beneficial the new 855 toll free telephone numbers can be. The 855 numbers, just released last fall, are plentiful and are easily matched for a perfect custom number, matching a domain name, or a business name. Small companies nationwide are learning the advantages of affordable toll free through 855 numbers.


Wisconsin Toll Free Lines Flooded

The toll free telephone hotline for Wisconsinites to get in touch with their legislators is temporarily disconnected. It’s been shut down since Friday, due to the crush of calls from people weighing in on the proposed public union cutbacks. Toll free lines are commonplace in local and state governments. Constituents can call government officials and agencies for help with inquiries and resources. In Wisconsin this week, the lines have been overwhelmed as residents flood the capital with concerns about major budget changes.


1-800 Hollywood

There is a lot of buzz about actor Bill Murray’s interview on Sirius Satellite radio this morning. This could be the only celebrity-or one of very few–who has no publicist, no agent. Instead he has a 1-800 number for Hollywood insiders to contact him with scripts, information on acting parts, etc.

2011 Winter Toll Free Numbers

With snow emergencies this winter hitting nationwide, and as far south as Atlanta and Dallas, 1-800 numbers have been instituted in most cities, and counties throughout the united States to help residents deal with weather-related emergencies. Municipal toll free phone numbers are nothing new, but they have grown in number and in use over the past year or so as governments provide free communication for assistance and updates.

Toll Free Number for Tax Info

Tax season is upon us and once again the federal government has a toll free telephone number in place to help us track down our tax refunds. A special automated toll free phone line will offer refund status reports. Taxpayers can call 800- 829-1954.

Toll Free: An Industry Standard

When is the last time you used a toll free phone number? Earlier today, yesterday, last week, Chances are in the past week you used at least one toll free phone number. 1-800 numbers are an industry standard now and consumers and clients use them regularly. This is not a fad; in fact the trend toward free phone service is climbing every year.

Big 855 Presence on the Web

GOOGLE the new 855 toll free phone numbers and you get a lot of results–that is because 855 has swiftly become a popular series of toll free phone numbers. 855 toll free numbers are activated for veterans resources, medical referrals, business and financial connections, online home-based businesses and non-profits.

1-800-FLOWERS Paved The Way.

Twenty years ago, 1-800 FLOWERS opened the eyes of many business owners who realized the power of a toll free phone numbers. Today that number, and millions of other 1-800 phone numbers will be busy and active as companies build their customer base.

Busy Time of Year for Toll Free

This time of year is traditionally very active for toll free service throughout the nation. The mid-winter months include Valentines Day of course, major travel between the Super Bowl, Mardis Gras and standard winter vacations–north and west for the skiers and south to escape the cold and hit the beaches. Businesses without toll free numbers suffer and those with a 1-800 number thrive.

Timing is Perfect for 855 and 844

The 855 toll free telephone numbers, released for use last fall, added millions of new toll free combinations into the telecommunications industry and when the 844 telephone numbers are released, millions more will become available. With the economy on the upswing, the timing is perfect. New businesses and non-profits are cropping up nationwide and these new toll free phone numbers will help build business.