Toll Free Product Recall Information

Toll free telephone numbers have always been a staple for product recalls. Corporations and retailers always have a toll free line dedicated to providing  consumer information on faulty or inadequate products. This summer, with a slew of product recalls ranging from food items to children’s play equipment, these toll free telephone numbers are proving invaluable. Consumers need fast, free information on items and food that may be harmful. For a list of consumer protection toll free numbers, go to


1-800 Connections to Officials in D.C.

1-800 telephone numbers in Washington D.C. were busy this week as US citizens called their federal representatives to comment on the hotly-debated debt ceiling. At one federal office, 193 people were on hold as interns and staff answered phones as quickly as they could. These 1-800 telephone numbers give constituents the ability to voice their opinions for free–even when they are on hold for lengthy periods of time.

1-800 Number to Pay for Parking

As of this week, some motorists will have an easier time parking with the help of a 1-800 telephone number!

Drivers in Washington D.C. can now use their mobile phones to pay for parking at all of the District’s approximately 17,000 on-street metered spaces.  Motorists use an app or a toll-free phone call to pay to park. There is a small fee for each transaction, which covers the credit card processing and other program costs. Parking enforcement officers will get the information on the payments in real time on their handheld devices. Amazing how we use toll free numbers these days, isn’t it?

Heat Advisories and Toll Free

With 32 states under a heat advisory this week, 1-800 service to authorities, utility companies and cooling centers have never been busier. People are calling toll free phone numbers for information on beating the heat, to report power outages, seeking cooling centers and assistance for the elderly and sick who are suffering in the 100 degree-plus temperatures. Toll free telephone numbers have even been established for animal care–pets to livestock to wild animals are all feeling the effects of the heat.

Merge with 1-800 Phone Numbers

We heard an interesting business management discussion recently and the consensus may be helpful to companies of all sizes that are considering merging with another business. The central topic of the discussion was the 1-800 number, If each of two companies planning to merge have an existing 1-800 phone number, then whose number do they use? The advice was useful–keep both existing numbers and establish a new one that reflects the newly merged company, Then, over a period of time, slowly phase the old individual numbers out. This leads to less confusion for the consumer and a potential loss of business. It also helps to solidify a new image, brand, and marketing tool for the new merged company.

Consumers and Toll Free Numbers

Recent studies indicate that consumers use toll free telephone numbers at least every week in their daily lives. Most people use these free connections several times per month on average. Those who travel regularly for business or pleasure use them even more frequently. Toll free service has become a common form of communication and this trend continues to grow–the fast-track popularity of the new 855 phone numbers are yet another indication that toll free service continues to increase in use every year.

Reality TV Connects With Viewers Via Toll Free

Reality television has become the main source of entertainment televised on network, and cable, stations in the past decade. And the  contest/competition programming regularly use toll free telephone numbers to connect with viewers and to gauge popularity of the performers, whether they are singing, dancing or displaying other talents. These popular competition shows rely on toll free phone numbers to meter viewership, allows audience participation and gives clues to which segments and components of these shows resonate with the audience, and which do not. Toll free, in these cases, is used for marketing at its best.

Toll Free Helps Finding Parking Spaces?

Another interesting and creative use for toll free phone numbers–This is according to

Starting yesterday, drivers are able to pay for parking in downtown CARTA lots using their cell phones. Chattanooga is the first city in Tennessee to adopt technology made available by Parkmobile, a global company seeking to bring innovative technologies to the simple concept of paid parking. 

The service, which is offered free of charge to the city, will require drivers to pay an extra 35 cent service charge for every transaction made using the technology. Parking can purchase time through a smartphone app, or by calling a toll free number. 



New Toll Free number for Active Military Personnel

The Red Cross has instituted a new 1-800 number that will make it easier for people to reach their loved ones in active military service. Starting Monday, June 13 members of the military and their families can utilize the toll free telephone number 1-877-272-7337  to send a message to service personnel in an emergency. Currently, dialing this toll free number only works for families living at military installations. But thanks to the Red Cross, this changes on Monday.

855 Success Evident in Small Company Use

At one time, the majority of toll free phone service users were large corporations. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes use toll free numbers to attract and retain customers. And it has never been more evident than with the huge success of the new 855 toll free number series. Small businesses nationwide are discovering 855 toll free telephone numbers which are easily matched for a domain name, or a business name. Small companies nationwide are learning the advantages of affordable toll free service through 855 numbers.