Consumers and Toll Free Numbers

Recent studies indicate that consumers use toll free telephone numbers at least every week in their daily lives. Most people use these free connections several times per month on average. Those who travel regularly for business or pleasure use them even more frequently. Toll free service has become a common form of communication and this trend continues to grow–the fast-track popularity of the new 855 phone numbers are yet another indication that toll free service continues to increase in use every year.

Can You Afford Toll Free Service?

The actual question should be: Can you afford NOT to get toll free service? Once cost prohibitive for small businesses or personal use, toll free service has now become affordable and easy to obtain. Experts say that most consumers recognize that the advantages of 1-800 numbers far outweigh standard local phone service. Remember, business owners are always consumers but consumers are not always business owners. The increasing knowledge of the public is making it an out and out battle between businesses trying to win people over. All it takes is a little thing, like a toll free number, for a consumer to say, “They obviously care more about getting my business” then the other guy who doesn’t have a toll free number. We here this time and time again from experts in marketing and business. Need more info? Here you go!

Toll Free For Holiday Gift Giving

Just 12 days until Christmas and consumers are under the gun to get gifts ordered and delivered on time. Toll free phone numbers are faster and more reliable than email order interactions. Consumers have learned that talking to a representative to place an order will get that order ready and shipped faster than an online exchange. With the days quickly passing by, there is still time to get presents ordered and delivered if customers call retail 1-800 numbers.

Economic Indicators Released Suggest More Consumer Spending This Year.

Economic Indicators released this week suggest better retail holiday shopping during the 2010 holiday season. Experts predict that overall spending will jump 2.3 percent and online shopping with increase by a whopping 16 percent! That translates to billions in spending. All retail and service businesses would be wise to increase their marketing now, through telecommunications and specifically via a toll free telephone number if they do not already have one. Toll free draws more customers and increases revenue.

Toll Free and Texting

Can’t help but have noticed how many businesses and not-for-profits are using toll free telephone numbers in conjunction with text messages. For instance, customers can text to a toll free number for many promotional purposes. And non-profits are using texts to raise money. Most recently for example, Stand Up To Cancer is asking donors to text to their 1-800 number to pledge $10 to the cause. Another great way to use toll free in the ever-changing world of telecommunications.

Get Repair Kits For Recalled High Chairs Thru Toll Free

Graco Children’s Products Inc. has announced the recall of more than one million high chairs because screws can loosen in the legs, causing the chairs to fall over, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said. The company acted after receiving 464 reports of screws loosening or falling out, resulting in at least 24 injuries. The recall applies to chairs sold at retailers including Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corp., Babies “R” Us, Toys “R” Us Inc., Target Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores. Consumers can call toll-free at (877) 842- 3206 to order a free repair kit.

Toll Free Required By Law For Credit Cards

Among many of the new changes to credit card services mandated by the government to help consumers manage their debt, credit card companies will be required to provide a toll free phone number for credit counseling. These toll free numbers must be printed right on the bill for easy access. Another way toll free is helping consumers.