Group Discount Companies Benefitting From Toll Free Service

The newest group of companies to use toll free telephone numbers en masse are the Groupon and similar discount shopping deals businesses that are cropping up nationwide. These companies–national and local–use limited group discount deals to promote businesses and services. The toll free telephone numbers for these new companies are busy as consumers sign on for daily deals on restaurants, spas, retails shops, hotels and more.


New Domains in 2012; New World of Marketing

With the announcement that new domain names will be allowed next January–we no longer have to stick with .com or .org etc–it reminds us how this will open up a whole new world of advertising and marketing options, in a similar way that new toll free telephone area codes open up telecommunications marketing possibilities. The new domains will allow for example, IBM to end their site name with .IBM. (www. for example….) We agree that giving more options to businesses and to the consumer will help all types of companies.

St. Pats and Toll Free

Happy St Patrick’s Day from SMSGOV. These types of holidays may not mean much to many people but generate big revenue for companies all over the United States. People celebrate and restaurants, bars and at parades. Travel increases this week as people travel to huge parades in large cities nationwide and to get there, they use 1-800 numbers to make arrangements. Some parade committees get short-term 1-800 numbers for callers to receive information on parade routes, services and parking.

Vital Business Measures

With the fixed amount of available 800 numbers shrinking fast, subscribers who waited to secure toll free service are now learning why it is so difficult to obtain a number. Get more on this vital part of business here.

Good ‘Ol Fiber Optics

With an increase in need for phone service, businesses are now being able to spend less and receive better quality. VoIP was introduced as a new, cheaper technology but was soon made known of all the possible problems. With the cost of fiber optic technology, the gold standard in phone service, lowering and the worsening VoIP quality rising, it’s a no brainer for successful companies nowadays. Some companies such use exclusively fiber optic technology. Other toll free number service providers still use the less reliable VoIP, which does not provide the consistent connections of fiber optics. In fact, in some circumstances with VoIP, if the power fails, phone calls cannot be transmitted at all. Get more information on the differences and virtues of each type of system here.

Family Ties Up Toll Frees

Small business owners, following the lead of the CEO’s of nearly half the Fortune 500 companies, are securing toll free vanity phone numbers as a strategic marketing tool. Personal use of toll free numbers has skyrocketed as parents secure an 800 number to stay in touch with their teens, college-aged children, and elderly parents. Continue reading here.

Is Toll Free Service Still Available?

Heeding recent warnings about the rapid decline of 800 numbers, subscribers are applying for toll free service at record rates. A steady stream of requests are pouring in for toll free 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers and applications are expected to continue to rise this year. Read more now.

Research The “Boutique” Providers

Do your research. 1-800 telephone numbers are available from large phone companies and from federally approved toll free service providers, Responsible Organizations. These smaller companies have the same access to the database of available phone numbers as AT&T and Verizon. However, service fees and features can vary greatly so the best thing we can do is to advise subscribers to research several toll free providers before signing up. subscribers can sometimes get better deals through the boutique providers.

Bail Outs for Telecom Giants

America has heard the words “Bail-out” all too often in the past two years. The idea of a bail out sounds more like a friendly gesture (now that we’ve heard it so much) rather than the crisis state it actually is. Some one or entity does something they probably shouldn’t have and someone else needs to get them out of that situation. And WE the people have to pay for it? Do you think big businesses should be bailed out? Vote here.

Toll Free To Contact Red Cross To Volunteer

The American Red Cross needs volunteers to make a difference with Service to Armed Forces Emergency Messaging.
This is something someone can do from their home using their computer and telephone. Volunteers sign up specifically for time slots that they are available. There is online training that will take three hours and an online mentoring method if you have any questions.

Call 1-800-REDCROSS for more information.