Vital Business Measures

With the fixed amount of available 800 numbers shrinking fast, subscribers who waited to secure toll free service are now learning why it is so difficult to obtain a number. Get more on this vital part of business here.

Creative Business Tools

Recently, insiders say 877 has become a popular choice for small and medium-size businesses. Small business owners’ need reliable marketing tools to increase the flow of new and repeat business and compete with bigger, sustained companies. Toll free numbers instantly win customer confidence, lend give small businesses legitimacy, and increase sales. Reports indicate that a toll free number listed in an ad can increase response by 600 percent and word of mouth referrals rise by 200 percent. With 98 percent of American adults regularly using toll free numbers, businesses securing an 800 number gain a strong competitive edge. Get more information here.


Toll Free 866 Popularity

866 numbers are the newest toll free numbers, released by the Federal Communications Commission in 2000 to address the shortage of 800, 888, and 877 numbers. Once consumers began to recognize the 866 pre-fix as toll free, the value of 866 soared. Recent studies indicate that 9 out of 10 consumers recognize 866 as a toll free number. The 866 numbers are more popular then ever before, increasing in demand every day. When the 855 toll free numbers are released they are said to be even more popular since they won’t be the newest anymore. Get all the details here.

Popular Toll Free Area Codes

The “youngest” toll free area code is 866 and it’s definitely gaining popularity because there is a greater number of available words and easy to remember digits under the 866 area code. Once reserved for use as a personal toll free area code, many businesses are starting to see that having a great customized toll free number can be more marketable than having an 800 or 888 area code.
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How To Get a 1-800 Number

Getting a 1-800 can be tough. A general citizen cannot get one on their own and will require the assistance of a professional in the industry. Do your research and find the most reputable company you can. Different companies have there pros and cons. One thing is for sure:
Get your toll free now, or else… you may not get one at all.

800 Numbers Popularity Ever-Increasing

With the recent introduction of the popular 855 toll free area codes, our industry is quickly recognizing that consumers and business people are now, more than ever, recognizing and using toll free phone numbers with all five pre-fixes (area codes). Toll free service’s popularity is ever-increasing and that trend will continue.

Toll Free Gurus Anticipate Possible Phone Service Embargo

Telecommunications industry sources now say an unthinkable embargo on new toll free phone service in the United States is a real possibility within the next year. Facing a severe shortage of available 800-numbers, a skyrocketing demand for toll free service and an emerging black market for 800 numbers, insiders say officials feel they are left with no choice but to impose an embargo.

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Toll Free Quotas May Be Implemented

Rumors of a rationing program have subscribers scrambling to obtain numbers, creating an even more limited supply.

The federal government rationed coveted 800 numbers in 1995 until the new 888 pre-fix was introduced a year later. But the U.S. supply of available 1-800 numbers, dwindling for years, is again nearly depleted. Toll free numbers enable callers to reach businesses, organizations, and non-profits without having to pay for the call.

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Stay Informed About Possible Toll Free Rationing

The stock of available toll free numbers is now so depleted that insiders say government agencies may implement another rationing of the 800, 888, 877, and 866 pre-fixes within months. Rumors of a rationing program have subscribers scrambling to obtain numbers, creating an even more limited supply.

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877 Number Supply Decreasing as Focus Shifts from 1-800s

In the past, 800 and 888 pre-fixes have been the most popular choices of subscribers. Experts say this was due mostly to the lack of public awareness that 877 and 866 were also toll free. But in recent years, this situation has changed. Reports now indicate that the majority of the public recognizes all four pre-fixes as toll free. Business owners are quickly taking advantage of the 877 numbers.

But now with the overall supply of available toll free numbers dwindling, 877 numbers are going fast.

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