Hurricane Irene and Toll Free Connections

In the wake of Hurricane Irene which devastated communities from the Carolinas to New England, government agencies, non-profits and insurance companies are very busy connecting through toll free phone service to those impacted by the storm. Both existing numbers and newly established toll free telephone numbers are active as customers reach out for much-needed assistance. Toll free ensures that the communities connect with those who can bring them relief.


Toll Free Helps Finding Parking Spaces?

Another interesting and creative use for toll free phone numbers–This is according to

Starting yesterday, drivers are able to pay for parking in downtown CARTA lots using their cell phones. Chattanooga is the first city in Tennessee to adopt technology made available by Parkmobile, a global company seeking to bring innovative technologies to the simple concept of paid parking. 

The service, which is offered free of charge to the city, will require drivers to pay an extra 35 cent service charge for every transaction made using the technology. Parking can purchase time through a smartphone app, or by calling a toll free number. 



Victims of Recent Tornadoes Need Assistance.

Victims of last week’s vicious tornadoes in Alabama,Tennessee and nearby regions need your assistance. To help, call 1-800-REDCROSS.

1-800 Numbers Used With Online Churches

CBS News recently ran a profile on online churches, cyber-spiritual counseling, complete with well-attended services and popular religious leaders in all denominations. And as part of these cyber-congregations, toll free phone numbers connected these church leaders with their flock. By calling a 1-800 number, anyone could join these churches, makes donations, ask for spiritual guidance. Toll free service has permeated all aspects of our lives.

Gathering Marketing Data Using Toll Free

Gathering marketing information is essential for retail and service businesses. Supreme Court decisions have recently curbed just how much a business owner or clerk can ask customers about their personal information, even their zip code. But some companies are using 1-800 phone numbers in effective ways to gather data. Customers sometimes now get a receipt with a 1-800 telephone number on it for a survey that includes a random winner of a shopping spree to that store or a free service. The company gains the necessary information and the customer gets a chance to win a valuable prize.

St. Pats and Toll Free

Happy St Patrick’s Day from SMSGOV. These types of holidays may not mean much to many people but generate big revenue for companies all over the United States. People celebrate and restaurants, bars and at parades. Travel increases this week as people travel to huge parades in large cities nationwide and to get there, they use 1-800 numbers to make arrangements. Some parade committees get short-term 1-800 numbers for callers to receive information on parade routes, services and parking.

Toll Free: An Industry Standard

When is the last time you used a toll free phone number? Earlier today, yesterday, last week, Chances are in the past week you used at least one toll free phone number. 1-800 numbers are an industry standard now and consumers and clients use them regularly. This is not a fad; in fact the trend toward free phone service is climbing every year.

Did You See All The Toll Free in Ads During Last Night’s Game?

The 50 million viewers of the Super Bowl last night saw dozens of commercials featuring 1-800 numbers. The game is secondary to many viewers who enjoy watching the creative advertising. The lesson can be handed down from these giant corporations and their Madison Avenue ad executives–toll free phone service works and can be used in conjunction with all ads and promotions to increase business.

Toll Frees Get Sticky

Following the emergence of a black market for valuable toll free numbers, including catchy vanity numbers, sources say federal authorities are cracking down on the illegal sales of 800 numbers.
Learn more information to protect yourself here.

Toll Free Seller: Busted!

Yes, you can get in trouble for trying to sell a toll free number – who knew? One person actually tried to auction off a toll free on the popular website Ebay…
Ouch! Read more in this guy here.