1-800 Numbers Used With Online Churches

CBS News recently ran a profile on online churches, cyber-spiritual counseling, complete with well-attended services and popular religious leaders in all denominations. And as part of these cyber-congregations, toll free phone numbers connected these church leaders with their flock. By calling a 1-800 number, anyone could join these churches, makes donations, ask for spiritual guidance. Toll free service has permeated all aspects of our lives.


Only 800, 888, 877 and 866 Are Valid Toll Free Area Codes

It is important to remember and to spread the word that the only toll free area codes at this time are 800, 888, 877 and 866. (855 pending) We have seen various advertisements–mostly online-encouraging consumers to call “toll free” and then listing a standard number. The customer does not realize and perhaps does not check the phone bill that comes in weeks later. This is an advertising scam that goes on frequently. Only the above four area codes are toll free for the caller.

Today Show Crowd Shows Off Toll Free

The spectator crowd at the Today show today held numerous signs advertising toll free telephone numbers–with all four toll free area codes. Ads for legal services, charitable causes, retail, and so on. Every pan of the camera revealed a new ad with a toll free phone number. We didn’t notice one ad without one in fact. Good way to get free advertising on national television and to incorporate your toll free number.

Toll Free For Ongoing Recall

A Tylenol recall issued last yearbecause of chemical contamination has been expanded for a second time to include Benadryl Allergy Ultratablets and Extra Strength Tylenol. The company advised consumers who purchased the affected products to stop using them and contact McNeil for information about how to get a refund or a replacement, toll free number at 888-222-6036.

Faith-Based Toll Free

We have been aware that churches and faith-based organizations have regularly used toll free to connect with their followers. Now there is word of a new nationwide spiritual community using toll free to bring people together. The Bless Me Network, a Chicago based company has launched a service that allows people to call a toll free number and speak with members of the Clergy. This one of a kind service is the first to launch in the United States. The Bless Me Network, a non-profit organization,will provide counseling and spiritual guidance. Customers call 1-888-9-BLESSME (1-888-925-3776) and then choose to be connected to either a priest or an ordained minister.

New Ventures In Toll Free Are Proof Of Need For More Numbers

In recent blog entries we have been educating and advising on how companies, individuals, and government officials are finding creative new ways to connect through toll free phone service. These advancement are proof that new toll free area codes will be needed in the near future. There just wont be enough 800, 888, 877 or 866 numbers left at some point. We hope the 855 numbers are released within the next year.

Stay Posted Here For Updates About Changes in Toll Free

With an industry like telecommunications, changes and updates are constantly being considered and implemented. To stay on top of all the industry buzz and especially to keep informed about the pending release of a new supply of valuable toll free phone numbers, keep checking this web site daily for all the up-to-date information. As soon as we hear any news about phone service and all telecommunications, we post it here for our readers. Stay tuned.

Clearing Up Mixed Messages About Toll Free

There appears to be some mixed messages circulating out there about whether the dire need for new toll free phone numbers will result in a dreaded rationing program. Some say it could still occur–and it just might. But the good news is that the industry expects the long-awaited release of new toll free numbers (presumably the 855 area code numbers) and that increased supply of open numbers could prevent rationing, reduce the black market for premium numbers, and will open the doors for thousands and thousands of subscribers to obtain a creative new phone number. Stay tuned.