A Month After 855 Number Released…..

Just a month after its release, it is clear that the new 855 toll free area codes are a resounding success. By all accounts, these numbers are quickly being optioned by subscribers. The supply will deplete more quickly than expected. But the new 844 numbers are not far behind. We expect that supply to be released within the next 12-18 months, creating even more toll free opportunities nationwide.

Deeper Into The Digital Age In Telecommunications

And it is happening again….Verizon Pennsylvania Inc. will discontinue delivering 11.9 million of its white pages phone books to its residential and business customers. The state Public Utility Commission okayed Verizon’s request to stop its routine delivery of white pages, unless a customer specifically requests one. The new policy takes effect in January. This is an ongoing process and before long will be the policy nationwide. Another major change in telecommunications–saving paper and moving deeper into the digital age.

End of Phone Books in Florida?

Florida this week gave Verizon permission to stop delivering white pages to residential customers for 24 months. The State’s Public Service Commission’s decision follows a similar ruling granted for AT&T in 2009. The two years will allow time to gauge the public’s reaction to ceasing delivery of phone books. We have seen so many vast changes in the telecommunications industry in the past decade. And this decision reflects another major change.

More On 855 Telephone Area Codes

We had heard rumors that the 855 numbers might be released this month. But so far, there is still no word about a decision to allow more toll free telephone area codes into the telecommunications marketplace. With the majority of existing numbers already taken, the need for new numbers is imminent. Numbers with the 855 (and 844 and so on..) area codes are being held in reserve for this specific purpose. It’s been a decade since new toll free phone numbers have been released for public use and demand grows every year. It’s time.

Still Waiting On 855

We were anticipating some news by now, mid-March, about the release of reserved toll free phone numbers, specifically the 855 area codes. Still no official word, although the rumor mill continues to grind with promises that we will see these new numbers made available for public use by this time next year. Good service providers and savvy customers are already preparing so they can scoop up a good custom phone number as soon as these new numbers are released. We will continue to keep you posted.

Stay Posted Here For Updates About Changes in Toll Free

With an industry like telecommunications, changes and updates are constantly being considered and implemented. To stay on top of all the industry buzz and especially to keep informed about the pending release of a new supply of valuable toll free phone numbers, keep checking this web site daily for all the up-to-date information. As soon as we hear any news about phone service and all telecommunications, we post it here for our readers. Stay tuned.

Anticipation Mounting Over Turn-Around

Anticipation is mounting about the expected surge of new toll free phone numbers. It’s great to see that particular aspect of the industry expected to turn around over the next 18 months. Millions of toll free users and business owners are relieved and excited about this good news.