1-800 Numbers on Your Receipts

Looked at your receipt lately after you have shopped at a large chain store? Chances are it includes a 1-800 number for a survey and a chance to win a shopping spree to that store or its affiliates. Marketing and 1-800 numbers have always gone hand-in-hand but this summer most of the large companies are including these opportunities for a chance to win along with collection of customer info and feedback. It is beneficial to the customer and it helps the companies.


Reality TV Connects With Viewers Via Toll Free

Reality television has become the main source of entertainment televised on network, and cable, stations in the past decade. And the  contest/competition programming regularly use toll free telephone numbers to connect with viewers and to gauge popularity of the performers, whether they are singing, dancing or displaying other talents. These popular competition shows rely on toll free phone numbers to meter viewership, allows audience participation and gives clues to which segments and components of these shows resonate with the audience, and which do not. Toll free, in these cases, is used for marketing at its best.

Toll Free Helps Finding Parking Spaces?

Another interesting and creative use for toll free phone numbers–This is according to Nooga.com:

Starting yesterday, drivers are able to pay for parking in downtown CARTA lots using their cell phones. Chattanooga is the first city in Tennessee to adopt technology made available by Parkmobile, a global company seeking to bring innovative technologies to the simple concept of paid parking. 

The service, which is offered free of charge to the city, will require drivers to pay an extra 35 cent service charge for every transaction made using the technology. Parking can purchase time through a smartphone app, or by calling a toll free number. 



844 Still Pending

Every week we field questions about a potential new round of toll free area code telephone numbers. (The 844 numbers) We are confident that the 844 area codes will be released at some point in the next year or so. The demand for toll free numbers is so growing so it is a given that the 844 numbers will come into play when needed. We are on top of this situation and will let you know as soon as we hear anything from our sources.

Summer Travel: 855 Numbers Help Spread The Word

Summer travel plans are in full swing and we have noticed that many travel-related businesses are taking advantage of the new 855 toll free area code numbers to attract customers. Even small inns, web sites to draw travelers to Broadway shows and minor league games, restaurants and more companies have added 855 numbers to help bring attention to their offerings. Summer is the time to travel for many families and 855 is helping get the word out about all the travel opportunities.

New Domains in 2012; New World of Marketing

With the announcement that new domain names will be allowed next January–we no longer have to stick with .com or .org etc–it reminds us how this will open up a whole new world of advertising and marketing options, in a similar way that new toll free telephone area codes open up telecommunications marketing possibilities. The new domains will allow for example, IBM to end their site name with .IBM. (www. technology.ibm for example….) We agree that giving more options to businesses and to the consumer will help all types of companies.

DMV Required to Reinstate it’s Toll-Free Number

DMV keeping its toll-free numbers

June 14, 2011 at 4:56 pm by Brian Lockhart

The Department of Motor Vehicles’ effort to cut costs by jettisoning it’s toll-free phone lines has failed.

Our Hearst newspapers reported on the proposal in mid-May.

Bill Seymour, a DMV spokesman, said today legislation exempting the agency from the toll-free requirement did not pass the General Assembly, which adjourned last Wednesday.

“The funding for the phones was removed, the statutory requirement was not,” Seymour said. “That means we’re obligated to have the numbers. We need to figure out how to do that.”


Ringcentral Blasting Twitter with Messages – Some Call SPAM!

Today, Ringcentral.com @ringcentral began, in their own words “Blasting” twitter with public messages going out to all their 10,000+ subscribers that are directed to specific twitter account holders, each message annoyingly like the previous, here are some examples:

  1. RingCentral: Hello @MarioStanhope Love your business model & would love you even more if you would pls stop auto-tweeting RingCentral offers
  2. RingCentral: Hello @BettieWhitlatch Love your business model & would love you even more if you would stop auto-tweeting RingCentral offers. Thx!
  3. RingCentral: @SethMMuniz Love your business model & would love you even more if you would stop auto-tweeting RingCentral offers. Thx!
  4. RingCentral: Hello @HenriettaHipps Love your business model & would love you even more if you would stop auto-tweeting RingCentral offers. Thx!
  5. RingCentral: Hello @LenaKW Love your business model & would love you even more if you would stop auto-tweeting RingCentral offers. Thx!
  6. and on and on and on….

Baris Ergin, the Founder of DirectIQ: Intelligent Email Marketing and a Ringcentral subscriber compared the Ringcentral campaign to SPAM as they tweeted back:

Hello @RingCentral I’m a big fan of your service and please stop tweeting publicly to auto-tweeters, it’s like spam… Thanks!

Then, in a twist, Rincentral tweeted back to Mr. Ergin publicly to all Ringcentral’s 10,000+ subscribers stating that they “Totally Understand His Point” and continued to explain that they did it to try to get through to stop people from autotweeting, a service allowed by Twitter.  Ringcentral then continued on and accused their own customers of being SPAMMERS if they use the autotweet feature.

RingCentral: Hi @barisergin. Totally understand your point. Blast was 1-time only as we’re doing everything we can to get thru & stop these spammers

Ringcentral owes the Twitter community an apology for their spammy tactics, and also owes the users that they called out by name in their twitter account an apology.

1-800 Summer Safety

Summer is the time for fun and sun. But it is also historically a time when a higher average of accidents occur–particularly with children. Toys, blow-up pools, citronella candles and other summertime items pose a threat if not handled properly. Nearly every item has a 1-800 number for consumers to call if they have any questions or concerns about the proper use of any type of product. Or call the US Consumer Product Safety Commission at 800-638-2772.

855 Continues Strong

As we see more and more 855 toll free area code numbers advertised nationally and on the local level, we recognized the unprecedented demand for these new toll free phone numbers. Changes in communications over the past two decades dictates that toll free service is a necessity in every type of business and that new stocks of toll free area codes should be rotated in whenever the need is present. Before long, the 844 phone numbers will be in play too.