Merge with 1-800 Phone Numbers

We heard an interesting business management discussion recently and the consensus may be helpful to companies of all sizes that are considering merging with another business. The central topic of the discussion was the 1-800 number, If each of two companies planning to merge have an existing 1-800 phone number, then whose number do they use? The advice was useful–keep both existing numbers and establish a new one that reflects the newly merged company, Then, over a period of time, slowly phase the old individual numbers out. This leads to less confusion for the consumer and a potential loss of business. It also helps to solidify a new image, brand, and marketing tool for the new merged company.


Consumers and Toll Free Numbers

Recent studies indicate that consumers use toll free telephone numbers at least every week in their daily lives. Most people use these free connections several times per month on average. Those who travel regularly for business or pleasure use them even more frequently. Toll free service has become a common form of communication and this trend continues to grow–the fast-track popularity of the new 855 phone numbers are yet another indication that toll free service continues to increase in use every year.

The 855 Numbers Looming Large

The 855 toll free telephone numbers are a major commodity and are being used by hundreds of thousands of business owners, professionals, government agencies, utility companies and more. We have no official word yet on the timeline for the release of the next batch of toll free number area codes–the 844 numbers–but we expect this to be within the next year or so. In the meantime, there are plenty of custom 855 numbers left in play.

855 Travels

The travel industry uses 1-800 telephone numbers in nearly every capacity. When is the last time you called a hotel or airline and it wasn’t a toll free call? It’s the standard. Now, we are seeing more 855 numbers related to travel businesses.  In fact, we saw two nationally televised 855 toll free telephone numbers this holiday weekend. 855 is gaining steam and becoming widely recognized as a toll free telephone number. In the six months since the 855 numbers were released they have soared to success.

New Domains in 2012; New World of Marketing

With the announcement that new domain names will be allowed next January–we no longer have to stick with .com or .org etc–it reminds us how this will open up a whole new world of advertising and marketing options, in a similar way that new toll free telephone area codes open up telecommunications marketing possibilities. The new domains will allow for example, IBM to end their site name with .IBM. (www. for example….) We agree that giving more options to businesses and to the consumer will help all types of companies.

855 Success Evident in Small Company Use

At one time, the majority of toll free phone service users were large corporations. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes use toll free numbers to attract and retain customers. And it has never been more evident than with the huge success of the new 855 toll free number series. Small businesses nationwide are discovering 855 toll free telephone numbers which are easily matched for a domain name, or a business name. Small companies nationwide are learning the advantages of affordable toll free service through 855 numbers.

New 855 Numbers Appear Throughout National Advertising

We began seeing a rush for the new 855 numbers at companies nationwide and it continues. These 855 toll free phone numbers are being used for small businesses and for large corporations in every state in the nation. They are as popular as we suspected they would be. The upcoming 844 numbers, we predict, will be equally as successful.

Toll Free Adds New Dimension to Commerce.

Toll free telephone service adds a new dimension to marketing and commerce for any type of business or non-profit–especially in the 21st century when the majority of advertising is online. When a customer cannot find a phone number on a website or through and APP, they often move on to a different company or site. Customers want convenience and they want a free connection. By providing toll free service, businesses add this new dimension and reap the benefits of a 1-800 number.

Spring Break Toll Free

Traditionally this time of year we hear of a surge in the use of travel toll free telephone numbers as colleges students make last minute plans for spring break, this week and next. The travel industry and toll free service have a longstanding relationship that we expect will continue to grow and expand.

Religious Communities Using Toll Free

Today is a holy holiday within the Catholic church..Ash Wednesday. And it reminds us how many religious organizations nationwide are now connecting with their parishioners through a toll free telephone number. In fact, churches of all denominations nationwide use toll free for information and resources and also for donations. The same goes for non-profits. While once primarily used for businesses, toll free service is now spreading to all types of religious communities and charities.