Update on 855 Numbers

We haven’t discussed the potential release of the new toll free (855) area codes in awhile, though we are fielding plenty of questions about it. There remains speculation that these much-needed new supplies of toll free phone numbers will be released sometime in the next year or two. But to date there has been no confirmation. As soon as we learn anything new, we will pass it along to our readers.


Where Do Toll Frees Go?

When an 800 number is disconnected, it eventually becomes available on the 800 Service Management System, (SMS/800) database. These retired numbers are in great demand and the competition to secure released numbers is fierce. Get more on this system here.

800 Number Home Use More Popular Than Ever

A new trend in the use of 800 numbers is drastically increasing the number of subscribers to toll free service. The new users? Families.

Personal use of toll free phone service has skyrocketed in the past five years. Adults are now routinely providing elderly parents on a fixed income with an 800 number. Parents are hooking their kids up with toll free service so they can keep in constant communication. And experts say this trend is not a passing fancy. Toll free service for personal use is here to stay.

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Did You See This?

Did you see this in the news? An FCC commissioner has sent an open letter to Verizon Wireless, scolding the carrier for its new early termination fees. Verizon’s early termination fees recently climbed from $175 to $350 for smartphones and other “advanced devices.” The FCC asked Verizon to explain itself.

What’s Happened to all the 1(800) Numbers?

The popularity of the 1-800 number, introduced in the late 1960s, led the FCC to add the new pre-fixes 888 and 877 in the mid-1990s. When availability of those numbers became scarce in 2000, the 866 pre-fixes were added to overcome the shortage. Now, eight years later, the stockpile is once again low despite the recent mass deactivation of unused 800 numbers.

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Investment Strategies

With the supply of available 800 numbers dwindling and no immediate plans by the FCC to launch additional numbers, experts advise that business owners and others interested in securing an 800 number should invest today. What do you think of this? Tell us by clicking here.

Oklahoma Going All Toll Free?

According to NewsOK, in Oklahoma state officials are discussing whether to make all in-state telephone calls toll free. The idea has been discussed Monday by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission as a way to address the shortage of telephone numbers for Oklahoma’s 918 area code. Although the idea has been around fro two decades, it was never implemented. If the plan is approved, Anthony said it would make Oklahoma the first state in the nation to treat all in-state calls as local.

Giving It Up

If you have a toll free number that you are not using, you may soon be asked to give that number up for someone who may get more use out of it. Of course, many people don’t want to do this and are trying to urge the government to release new area codes instead. What would you vote for?

Toiling For The Perfect 800 Number?

With the fixed amount of available 800 numbers shrinking fast, subscribers who waited to secure toll free service are now learning why it is so difficult to obtain a number.

Industry insiders say the soaring popularity of toll free service combined with the failure of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to release additional numbers have created a tight supply of 800 numbers in heavy demand.

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Toll Free To Spread Word About Weather Conditions

With winter storm season in full swing, Indiana law enforcement officials are asking the public to use their toll free telephone service or local broadcast media to check on winter road conditions. Indiana State Police are asking the public not to call the standard police departments of other public safety agencies to ask about road conditions because they need to keep their telephone lines open for emergency calls. Their 800 number toll free line is the perfect way to spread information about weather conditions and road safety.