Live Customer Service With Toll Free

Recent studies detailed on news programs and websites indicate that consumers far prefer dealing with a live customer service representative over an automated system or email exchanges. Here is where toll free phone service can, once again, become a company’s biggest marketing advantage. With a toll free phone number and calls routed to any chosen phone line and changed when necessary, customers can always hear a friendly voice when seeking information on a business or product.


Toll Free 866 Phone Numbers Highly Desirable

866 numbers are the newest toll free numbers, released by the Federal Communications Commission in 2000 to address the shortage of 800, 888, and 877 numbers. Once consumers began to recognize the 866 pre-fix as toll free, the value of 866 soared. Recent studies indicate that 9 out of 10 consumers recognize 866 as a toll free number. The 866 numbers are more popular then ever before, increasing in demand every day.

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SB33 Details

Senate Floor Amendments of 4/23/07 clarify that no person
under the age of 18 years, regardless of whether or not
that person possesses a valid driver’s license or permit,
may use a wireless data device while operating a motor
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