Personal Toll Free A Popular gift

As we anticipated due to the buzz we heard prior to the holidays, there was a surge in toll free phone numbers given as gifts this holiday season. It appears that toll free phone numbers were mostly given for personal use so that family members and friends could stay in touch. Elderly, grandchildren, college kids and others who will now pay less than they would for long distance and cellular plans. In many instances, the “giver” pays for the subscription for the number and then a portion of, or all of, the monthly bill. And why not? Toll free is so affordable that it is a creative and inexpensive gift to give.


CALEA Capabilities

The objective of CALEA implementation is to preserve law enforcement’s ability to conduct lawfully-authorized electronic surveillance while preserving public safety, the public’s right to privacy, and the telecommunications industry’s competitiveness.

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Low Blow from V…

…Verizon? They are talking about stopping service to customers who are using toll free numbers from Vonage. Vonage uses VoIP service which isn’t the most reliable. It is thought that maybe Verizon is getting a lot of cranky customers who use Vonage for a toll free and it’s clogging up their customer services lines… No one can be sure but the threat is out there.

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