Matching Domain and Toll Free

Matching domains and toll free phone numbers is becoming increasingly popular as a way to define a company’s image. Getting these matches is still possible, especially when dealing with a service provider that has access to a good stock of existing, available toll free phone numbers. And when the new 855 toll free area codes become available, these matches will be even more obtainable and easy to secure.


Fiber Optics Gaining Steam?

Fiber optics used for telecommunications is considered far more reliable than VoIP, particularly for long distance calls, because it allows for longer intervals of signal transmission without interruptions. Fiber optics provides a quality connection that ensures clarity in every call. With this technology, optical fibers are used instead of metal, reducing lost connections from electromagnetic interference.

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The First Toll Free

Launched in 1967 by AT&T, 800 numbers came under the purview of the FCC in the 1980s when the phone service monopoly broke apart. In 1991, the FCC required that toll-free numbers be portable, meaning that a toll-free number subscriber can “port” his or her number to a new provider when changing toll-free number service providers. Read the full news story here!