When The 855s Are Released

We were asked recently why the FCC hasn’t announced a date for the release of the new toll free phone number area code(s). There are many possible responses and we are not certain precisely why. But one thing is for certain, we hope they do make an announcement about the 855 area codes sometime this year. New stockpiles of toll free numbers will bring opportunities for businesses nationwide. Existing companies and new businesses will all get a boost form these new numbers to choose from. There are rumors that it will be in 2011. We will see.


How does toll free telephone service function?

A toll free number forward to, or rings, at any local number and on any phone. It does not require a special set-up of installation of any kind. There are four toll free pre-fixes, 800, 888, 877, and 866, and they all work the same way. Calls to these numbers are charged to the subscriber, not to the caller. Vanity numbers spell a word or phrase that relates to the business.

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Get In Line, Wireline

Call identifying information. Call identifying information means dialing or signaling information that identifies the origin, direction, destination, or termination of each communication generated or received by a subscriber by means of any equipment, facility, or service of a telecommunications carrier. Call identifying information is “reasonably available” to a carrier if it is present at an intercept access point and can be made available without the carrier being unduly burdened with network modifications.

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