New Ventures In Toll Free Are Proof Of Need For More Numbers

In recent blog entries we have been educating and advising on how companies, individuals, and government officials are finding creative new ways to connect through toll free phone service. These advancement are proof that new toll free area codes will be needed in the near future. There just wont be enough 800, 888, 877 or 866 numbers left at some point. We hope the 855 numbers are released within the next year.


Toll Free Legislation Revealed

SB 1613, Simitian Vehicles: wireless telephones.
Under existing law, motor vehicle operation is regulated, and
drivers must follow many legal requirements or face criminal
sanctions. Under existing law, it is a crime for a person to drive a
schoolbus or transit vehicle while using a wireless telephone, except
for certain work-related or emergency purposes. Read more on these regulations here.

FCC Addresses Illegal Sale of Toll Free Numbers

The FCC does not play a role in the assignment of numbers to subscribers. However they do set and regulate the guidelines under which 800 numbers can be used and obtained. According to the FCC, hoarding and warehousing numbers is prohibited and punishable with severe fines.

Read more here.