Springtime Sees Toll Free Upswing

This Β upcoming week is spring break for millions of public school students nationwide. We expect a surge in 1-800 use as parents find entertaining ways to keep their children busy while off from school. Travel, entertainment and shopping 1-800 numbers will be busy this week. This upswing will continue throughout the spring as people make plans for summer travel and for graduations, weddings and other springtime events.

Growing Concerns Over Consumer Information Loss

There’s a growing concern over identity theft right now. Many people are being very careful when ordering things online, talking on their cell phones, and even whilst discussing accounts with their bank tellers for fear of eavesdropping bystanders. A new threat has been brought to the attention of business owners and consumers alike: VoIP toll free service. business owners love to spout about having a toll free number but when they try to save money by going with a VoIP provider they are putting themselves and their customers at risk. How safe would feel if you were talking about personal information by phone and knew that they used a VoIP toll free service where calls could be easily intercepted? Many fortune 500 companies use the best technologies available, and that’s fiber optic toll frees. Keep your business and customers safe by choosing a reputable toll free company that ONLY uses fiber optics. Here’s a link to some of the top sites.

We’ve named dropped here. πŸ™‚

Is There a Toll Free Left For Me?

Many people are asking themselves if they will be able to get a new toll free number. It’s hard to tell; times are tough. Read more here.

Considering A Toll Free? Look No Further!

Business owners really want toll free service. It pays to look around at the various providers but one major thing is for sure: “Having a toll free number really increases business,” says one, and many other, business owners. If you look at the list of Fortune 500 companies you won’t see any without a toll free number gracing the pages of their ads, websites, or product lines. The answer to ‘why?’ was simple… You make yourself more available by having a toll free. You let potential customers know that you are willing to foot the bill in the hopes that they will buy your product. You don’t ask for anything in advance accept a chance!

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Addressing the Toll Free Shortage

With 800 numbers becoming more and more difficult to obtain, the toll free 866 numbers are rising in popularity and fast becoming one of the most requested toll free numbers. Toll free providers have recently been bombarded with calls from business owners needing a toll free number and not being able to find one. This makes things difficult for client and providers alike as the goal is to help out.

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Toll Free Legislation Revealed

SB 1613, Simitian Vehicles: wireless telephones.
Under existing law, motor vehicle operation is regulated, and
drivers must follow many legal requirements or face criminal
sanctions. Under existing law, it is a crime for a person to drive a
schoolbus or transit vehicle while using a wireless telephone, except
for certain work-related or emergency purposes. Read more on these regulations here.