Is There a Toll Free Left For Me?

Many people are asking themselves if they will be able to get a new toll free number. It’s hard to tell; times are tough. Read more here.

Market Yourself Wealthy

The purpose of a marketing campaign is to make a memorable advertisement so that consumers are more likely to want your product. Think of the commercials you see on television for a mouthwatering slice of pizza. 5 minutes ago you weren’t hungry at all and now that you see a decadent piece of pizza you’re running for the phone. Having a 1-800 number attached to your add is likely to send you running for your money – literally! You’ll get so much more business that the money you make won’t even compare.

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New Age Decline

The report, filed with the FCC, is elevating concerns within an industry already worried about a potential meltdown. The popularity of the finite amount of toll free numbers, coupled with the failure of the FCC to release new numbers, has created a deficit of availability that is raising red flags throughout the telecommunications world.

Toll Free Rationing – Say What?

Facing an extreme dearth of 800 numbers, telecommunications experts are now concerned that a toll free number ration could delay new phone service applications. And in the midst of an economic meltdown, U.S. business owners could not imagine worse news.

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Addressing the Toll Free Shortage

With 800 numbers becoming more and more difficult to obtain, the toll free 866 numbers are rising in popularity and fast becoming one of the most requested toll free numbers. Toll free providers have recently been bombarded with calls from business owners needing a toll free number and not being able to find one. This makes things difficult for client and providers alike as the goal is to help out.

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