Hollywood and Bollywood Announce Toll Free To Combat Piracy

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that movie moguls in both Hollywood and Bollywood are joining forces to fight movie piracy, using a toll free telephone number. The recently formed group between Hollywood and Bollywood to battle piracy will now be known as the Alliance Against Copyright Theft, and this week announced a toll free anti-piracy hotline. The  AACT will launch the toll free hotline to report piracy. The anti-piracy hotline will allow people to register their piracy complaints without revealing their identity by calling the toll free phone number.


Sometimes Toll Free Numbers Are Retired

When an 800 number is disconnected, it goes into what is referred to as the aging process. After several months, it becomes available for use on the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800) database and is up for grabs. The good retired numbers go fast. But the overall percentage of retired numbers is quite low because toll free service is so effective and profitable that businesses, organizations, and non-profits who secure a 1-800 number tend to hold onto it. Even those who take a break from their businesses often hang onto their numbers indefinitely. It costs so little to keep a toll free number that they decide to retain their favored phone number for future use.

Today Show Crowd Shows Off Toll Free

The spectator crowd at the Today show today held numerous signs advertising toll free telephone numbers–with all four toll free area codes. Ads for legal services, charitable causes, retail, and so on. Every pan of the camera revealed a new ad with a toll free phone number. We didn’t notice one ad without one in fact. Good way to get free advertising on national television and to incorporate your toll free number.

Toll Free Number Aims to Stop Underage Drinking

News Update:

Omaha (KPTM) – Underage drinking is a problem that’s been going on for quite sometime.

Now, Nebraska has a tip line designed to turn in youngsters who may be part of that problem.

But do parents and kids think it will help.

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1-800 Number Supply Dramatically Reduced

With more than 8,000 toll free numbers registered each day, the supply of available numbers is quickly depleting. This scarcity is causing a rush to obtain new toll free numbers or obtain disconnected numbers returned back to the system.

Toll free numbers were introduced in 1967. By the 1980s, nearly half of all long distance calls would be toll free. Today, 98 percent of adults say they regularly use toll free numbers. Meanwhile, the supply of 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers are at an all-time low.

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Contracts Thwart Ports

Signing a long-term contract with a toll free carrier could prevent you from switching providers if you end up dissatisfied with the service or fees. Toll free numbers have been portable since 1991—this means you have the ability to switch carriers and “port” your number, in other words take it with you. All toll free customers should be aware that signing a long-term contract could be detrimental. There are plenty of carriers that provide toll free service without contracts or with very flexible short-term contracts.

Incidents of Number Hoarding on the Rise

Continuing to cause alarm in our industry are reports of increased incidents of illegal hoarding of toll free numbers. The FCC has been clamping down on violations of Section 251 (e) of the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits the warehousing and hoarding of numbers. The FCC is taking a close look at all suspect activity. This is an ongoing issue. It is imperative that subscribers are educated on the proper way to obtain and use toll free phone numbers.

What To Do About 855?

Someone asked recently what they could do to help in the movement to get the 855 toll free telephone area codes made available. Writing to your federal elected official is one option. The 855 numbers are currently held by the FCC until they are deemed needed for public use. In our opinion, the pool of 855 toll free numbers would be helpful to ease the burden of decreasing available toll free phone numbers and would reduce the illegal hoarding and distribution of these numbers.

Experts Forsee 855 Numbers As Highly Sought After

Widespread concerns about the dwindling supply of toll free numbers may not be addressed anytime soon. According to sources at the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800) the reserved 855 pre-fix, intended to restore stocks of toll free numbers, may not be released by the Federal Communications Commission for several years. In fact, industry insiders say the release of 855 may be put off until 2011.

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Toll Free Taboo: Toll Free Phone Number Brokering

As with any commodity in high demand, a black market for toll free numbers has emerged in the United States, sending regulators scrambling to control the illegal sales of valuable 800 numbers.

With toll free service soaring in popularity while finite supplies of available numbers drop, attempts to illegally buy and sell choice numbers on the black market is increasing.

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