Contracts Thwart Ports

Signing a long-term contract with a toll free carrier could prevent you from switching providers if you end up dissatisfied with the service or fees. Toll free numbers have been portable since 1991—this means you have the ability to switch carriers and “port” your number, in other words take it with you. All toll free customers should be aware that signing a long-term contract could be detrimental. There are plenty of carriers that provide toll free service without contracts or with very flexible short-term contracts.


Incidents of Number Hoarding on the Rise

Continuing to cause alarm in our industry are reports of increased incidents of illegal hoarding of toll free numbers. The FCC has been clamping down on violations of Section 251 (e) of the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits the warehousing and hoarding of numbers. The FCC is taking a close look at all suspect activity. This is an ongoing issue. It is imperative that subscribers are educated on the proper way to obtain and use toll free phone numbers.