FCC Exercise Control Over Toll Free Use

After a recent blog post on regulation, a reader requested an example of how regulators have controlled the improper use of toll free numbers. Here’s one: In 2005, the FCC yanked control of 1-800-RED-CROSS from a private California business owner who was leasing the use of the number to local chapters of the Red Cross. When the charity filed a formal complaint, the FCC determined that the brokering was illegal and handed over control of the number to the non-profit.


What is The Fate of 855?

With good toll free telephone numbers becoming scarce, we still await news of the fate of the unused 855 area code toll free numbers. Last month we did hear rumors that the new collection of toll free numbers would soon be allowed for use. We also received a tip that there is “testing” of the yet-to-be-released 855 toll free telephone numbers. We didn’t get any specifics on what type of testing is being done on these area code numbers. The new 855 numbers would provide millions of opportunities for subscribers to get new custom toll free phone number for their business or personal use.