Benefits of Toll Free Crystal Clear To Business Owners

In our industry we are discovering that with increasing speed, toll free telephone numbers are exceeding standard numbers in popularity. The value of a 1-800 number has become crystal clear to business owners nationwide. Toll free telephone numbers allow callers to reach businesses, organizations and even friends and relatives without being charged for the call. A toll free number lends credibility to any business, enhances customer service, and increases customer confidence. There are no additional installations needed for a 1-800 number and the calls can be routed to any cell phone, landline, or fax. Studies show that sales can double and word of mouth referrals can increase by as much as 200% making toll free service indispensable for business. In the past decade, toll free has quickly increased in popularity  and that trend is continuing to gain steam.


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FCC Focuses on Illegal Sale of Toll Free Numbers

The FCC does not play a role in the assignment of numbers to subscribers. However they do set and regulate the guidelines under which 800 numbers can be used and obtained. According to the FCC, hoarding and warehousing numbers is prohibited and punishable with severe fines.

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