Using Every Tool In The Marketing Box

Using Every Tool In The Marketing Box. Economic downfalls in 2009 and the first half of 2010 has led to the closings of thousands of retail stores and service companies with costly office overhead.  However, many of these companies have stayed profitable through phone and web sales. The majority of sales from catalog and websites are still made through toll free phone calls. And these days, large chain stores like WalMart and Target offer shoppers the convenience of buying over the phone. Toll free has helped many retail companies, large and small, stay afloat during this recession.


Portability A Guarantee

In 1991, the Federal Communications Commission enacted a regulation that made 1-800 numbers ‘portable’—this simply means the number can be moved from carrier to carrier. (This is referred to as “porting” the number.) The idea was that subscribers should never have to worry about losing control of their preferred phone number if they switch carriers and they should never be locked into inferior service.