Ramped Up Marketing with Toll Free Service

Toll free telephone service adds a new level of ramped up marketing for any type of business or non-profit–especially in the 21st century when the majority of advertising is online and customers want to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. When a customer cannot easily locate a telephone number on a website or ad, they look elsewhere. By providing easy-to-locate toll free phone numbers, businesses add this new dimension and reap the benefits of a 1-800 marketing number.


Toll Free Making The News for Decades

We found several 30-40 year old news articles on toll free phone numbers. Shows there have been creative uses for toll free for decades now.

Maryland Travel Made Easier With 855 Numbers

Know Before You Go is the theme of the new Maryland 511 traveler information system now available throughout the state. It offers travel information to help motorists before they go to major events, cross-state travel and even daily commutes. In addition to dialing “511” in Maryland, residents may call toll free 1-855-GOMD511 or 1-855-466-3511. The three-digit “511” number was designated by the Federal Communications Commission as the national telephone number for traveler information.

Toll Free Product Recall Information

Toll free telephone numbers have always been a staple for product recalls. Corporations and retailers always have a toll free line dedicated to providing  consumer information on faulty or inadequate products. This summer, with a slew of product recalls ranging from food items to children’s play equipment, these toll free telephone numbers are proving invaluable. Consumers need fast, free information on items and food that may be harmful. For a list of consumer protection toll free numbers, go to www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm.

NFL Toll Free Numbers Active In Anticipation of the 2012 Season

Until last week, the 2012 NFL season was a big question mark. But with both sides coming to an agreement, at the eleventh hour, the NFL is scurrying to make plans to coordinate ticket sales, organize pre-season games and events, promote giveaways and more. Fans are contacting the individual teams’ toll free telephone numbers to try make plans for the season, starting in a just a couple of weeks. With the whole season in jeopardy until late July–when pre-seasons games typically are already going on–the NFL toll free numbers are lighting up as fans and the teams get organized as fast as possible.

Group Discount Companies Benefitting From Toll Free Service

The newest group of companies to use toll free telephone numbers en masse are the Groupon and similar discount shopping deals businesses that are cropping up nationwide. These companies–national and local–use limited group discount deals to promote businesses and services. The toll free telephone numbers for these new companies are busy as consumers sign on for daily deals on restaurants, spas, retails shops, hotels and more.

1-800 Connections to Officials in D.C.

1-800 telephone numbers in Washington D.C. were busy this week as US citizens called their federal representatives to comment on the hotly-debated debt ceiling. At one federal office, 193 people were on hold as interns and staff answered phones as quickly as they could. These 1-800 telephone numbers give constituents the ability to voice their opinions for free–even when they are on hold for lengthy periods of time.

1-800 Number to Pay for Parking

As of this week, some motorists will have an easier time parking with the help of a 1-800 telephone number!

Drivers in Washington D.C. can now use their mobile phones to pay for parking at all of the District’s approximately 17,000 on-street metered spaces.  Motorists use an app or a toll-free phone call to pay to park. There is a small fee for each transaction, which covers the credit card processing and other program costs. Parking enforcement officers will get the information on the payments in real time on their handheld devices. Amazing how we use toll free numbers these days, isn’t it?

855 For Additional Spanish Toll Free Line

The new 855 toll free telephone numbers have become a great advantage for those looking to add a second toll free line in Spanish–a number that matches their existing 1-800 number. A company with a 1-888 number, for example, can now match an 855 toll free telephone number for Spanish speaking customers and clients. This is just another advantage of the new 855 numbers.

Happy Independence Day Weekend

Happy Fourth of July weekend from everyone at SMSGov!