Cloud-Based Virtual Phone Services Increase In Popularity

Between January and June 2011 compared to the same time last year, mobile app voicemail retrieval has increased 180 percent.

The number of consumers using both toll-free and local cloud-based phone numbers has also doubled in the last year.

Source: Gaebler

Still, for the security conscious business owner, cloud-based communications has it’s downsides seeing as how cyber security in the cloud is nonexistent in some proven cases. Furthermore, most Cloud Companies do not even know about the security holes that are in their system that can allow any computer user access to all phone data sent through their cloud-based system.

Unpublished flaws in cloud-based virtual phone systems and the software they use are rampant and the bottomline is that there is no security. This has been proven within a number of the largest RESPORGS and security holes continue to reveal themselves constantly.


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