How Often Do You Use Toll Free?

How often do you use a toll free telephone number? Studies indicate that most people use them very frequently-several times per month on average. Those who travel regularly for business or pleasure use them all the time. Toll free is a common form of communication and continues to grow–the fast-track popularity of the newest toll free phone numbers–the 855–prove that toll free continues to increase in use every year.


The Next Generation of Toll Free Numbers

Six months have passed since the release of the 855 toll free area code numbers and the demand has far exceeded expectations. 855 numbers are a major commodity and are being used by hundreds of thousands of business owners across the nation. We have no official word yet on the timeline for the release of the next generation of toll free numbers–the 844 numbers–but when we do we will let you all know. In the meantime, there are plenty of custom 855 numbers left in play.

1-800 Numbers Used With Online Churches

CBS News recently ran a profile on online churches, cyber-spiritual counseling, complete with well-attended services and popular religious leaders in all denominations. And as part of these cyber-congregations, toll free phone numbers connected these church leaders with their flock. By calling a 1-800 number, anyone could join these churches, makes donations, ask for spiritual guidance. Toll free service has permeated all aspects of our lives.

NFL Season Up in The Air. Toll Free Lines Ringing Non-Stop.

The buzz of course this month is the NFL standing–will there be a football season this year? This not only impacts football fans of course…business owners nationwide will see a dramatic decline in business if the season is locked out. Restaurants, bars, hotels, caterers, clothing companies that make sports apparel, and even airlines will all feel the impact. The individual teams 1-800 toll free numbers are ringing off the hook from what we hear–fans and business owners all trying to make their plans for September through January.

Happy Earth Day

Its April 22, 2011. Earth Day/ Lets all do our part to protect our environment. Learn more at many “green” organizations and companies. Call them today, toll free, and learn ways you can protect Mother Earth, and your health, by making a few small changes–use recyclable shopping bags, stop using plastic water bottles etc.

Gathering Marketing Data Using Toll Free

Gathering marketing information is essential for retail and service businesses. Supreme Court decisions have recently curbed just how much a business owner or clerk can ask customers about their personal information, even their zip code. But some companies are using 1-800 phone numbers in effective ways to gather data. Customers sometimes now get a receipt with a 1-800 telephone number on it for a survey that includes a random winner of a shopping spree to that store or a free service. The company gains the necessary information and the customer gets a chance to win a valuable prize.

1992: Bush’s Toll-Free Number: Good Call or Political 911?

On September 12, 1992, the New York Times published an article about the first time an American President obtained and used his own Toll-Free phone number.

NY Times Wrote: It is too early to tell whether it will do much for President Bush, but it definitely ushered in a new era of respectability for 800 numbers.

On Thursday night [1992], Mr. Bush purchased five minutes of prime time on four networks — ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN — to inform the viewing public about his “Agenda for American Renewal,” as he titled his economic plans. The commercial, taped in the Oval Office, showed a serious-looking President sitting on his desk and speaking directly into the camera.

“At this pivotal point in history we’re faced with two very different philosophies, two very different agendas and a very real choice,” Mr. Bush said at the end of the advertisement. Then an 800-number appeared on the screen for viewers to call to receive a free copy of his plans. Year of the Pamphlet

Read the rest of the article on the NYTimes website:

Springtime Sees Toll Free Upswing

This  upcoming week is spring break for millions of public school students nationwide. We expect a surge in 1-800 use as parents find entertaining ways to keep their children busy while off from school. Travel, entertainment and shopping 1-800 numbers will be busy this week. This upswing will continue throughout the spring as people make plans for summer travel and for graduations, weddings and other springtime events.

Toll-Free Number Payphone Scam make 1.2 million

Two Wisconsin men whose pay phone company raked in $1.2 million by auto-dialing toll-free numbers were indicted Wednesday on federal fraud and money laundering charges.

Jeff Frost, 53, of Brookfield, and Colin Nordstrom, 48, of Coon Valley, programmed pay phones to take advantage of a fee that pay phone owners receive when their phones are used to dial toll-free numbers, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Madison.

Each faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on wire fraud, wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy charges. Nordstrom faces another possible five years for allegedly lying to federal agents in January and to a grand jury in March.

According to the indictment, FCC regulations require that toll-free number subscribers pay a 49.4-cent per call fee to payphone owners, called “dial around compensation,” each time their pay phones are used to call toll-free numbers.

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Tax Day One Week Away. Use Toll Free To Help Sort it All Out.

Tax Day just a week away! The federal government and tax assistance agencies nationwide have 800 telephone numbers to help taxpayers sort through all the complications of filing on time and correctly so there are no follow-up audits.