1992: Bush’s Toll-Free Number: Good Call or Political 911?

On September 12, 1992, the New York Times published an article about the first time an American President obtained and used his own Toll-Free phone number.

NY Times Wrote: It is too early to tell whether it will do much for President Bush, but it definitely ushered in a new era of respectability for 800 numbers.

On Thursday night [1992], Mr. Bush purchased five minutes of prime time on four networks — ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN — to inform the viewing public about his “Agenda for American Renewal,” as he titled his economic plans. The commercial, taped in the Oval Office, showed a serious-looking President sitting on his desk and speaking directly into the camera.

“At this pivotal point in history we’re faced with two very different philosophies, two very different agendas and a very real choice,” Mr. Bush said at the end of the advertisement. Then an 800-number appeared on the screen for viewers to call to receive a free copy of his plans. Year of the Pamphlet

Read the rest of the article on the NYTimes website:



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