California Protects Children With Toll Free Hotline

In California, another inventive way to use toll free to help the populace. The director of California’s Department of Social Services, has launched a toll free hotline to provide access to all Safe Surrender Baby site locations in California. Residents can now call 1-877-222-9723 to obtain hospital and designated fire station safe surrender site locations within their local communities. Since the Safe Surrender Baby law began in 2001, 331 newborns have been safely surrendered in California. Under the law, a parent can confidentially turn over a baby to any hospital or designated Safe Surrender Site in California. The parent or surrendering person is not required to provide his or her name and is protected from prosecution for child abandonment if the baby has not suffered abuse.


Virtual Office Systems

Virtual offices are popping up all over the place. When starting a new company, there are many decisions to be made on communications, advertising, marketing, and customer service. Toll free phone service combined with virtual office systems streamlines management needs and reduces communications costs.
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New 855’s Release Date

To overcome shortages of 1-800 numbers in the past, 888 and 877 were introduced in 1996 and 1998 respectively. Then, in 2000 the 866 numbers debuted. But toll free numbers have become such a valuable commodity that the stock is once again depleted. Read more here.

Black Market Toll frees?

You’ve heard of human organs on the black market; but, toll frees? The FCC has the 855 pre-fix reserved to alleviate the shortage but has not yet announced plans to release those numbers.Read this full story here.

The Possible Depletion of Toll Frees

UPDATE: The scarcity of toll free numbers is having an impact on telecom businesses nationwide. At&t no longer has 800 area codes available through it’s online toll free lookup tool. A number of other providers have followed suit and stopped offering the 800 numbers to their telephone subscribers.

Read more on the depleted stocks of 800 numbers Services Fail Consumers

Ringcentral reported via their twitter account today that their:

“Service is Down”

For almost 3 hours, Ringcentral Services were OUT OF SERVICE. One ringcentral customer said:

It’s disappointing that in the middle of the day on a crucial business Monday, a company like Ringcentral can lose phone service they are suppose to be providing to customers. How can they not ensure reliability?

Services we reported down at 12:43 and up by 3:43 pm PST
March 29th 2010

Educational Help Through Toll Free

We have frequently discussed the use of toll free phone numbers by governments for everything from information about weather, campaigns, employment, health resources and disaster relief. Mow Louisiana has turned it up a notch by using toll free to help education. The Louisiana Department of Education is offering educational assistance to parents and students through its Tutoring Hotline. (The toll-free phone hotline is 1-877-453-2721.) The Tutoring Hotline operates several weeks each year before and during student testing. Tutors will be available to assist students and parents each evening from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, now through April 9.

Toll Frees and Cost

Toll Free Service subscribers? Subscribers will never encounter any surprise costs and hidden fees with toll free numbers obtained through a reputable service provider. Get the total story here.

New Age Decline

The report, filed with the FCC, is elevating concerns within an industry already worried about a potential meltdown. The popularity of the finite amount of toll free numbers, coupled with the failure of the FCC to release new numbers, has created a deficit of availability that is raising red flags throughout the telecommunications world.

Ease The Strain–Release 855 Numbers

We continue to read stories in the news about the improper distribution and selling of valuable 1-800 numbers. This practice grows as the number of custom numbers decreases. The best way to curb this activity is to release the 855 area code toll free phone numbers for public use. This would ease the strain and allow for proper use of toll free. There are strict guidelines over the distribution and use of toll free phone numbers. But with supplies so limited, people are desperate for a custom number that suits their image. When new toll free area codes are released, supplies would immediately increase and these improper practices would diminish. As we have endorsed in the past: the way to stop these illegal behaviors is two-fold: increased FCC crackdown and the release of 855 numbers.