IRS Toll Free For Help

The Internal Revenue Service is using toll free phone numbers in an attempting to fix one of this tax filing season’s biggest issues, a problem that has led 1 million taxpayers to have their electronically filed returns rejected. The problem involves two economic stimulus provisions approved by Congress last year: The $400 per worker ($800 per couple) Making Work Pay credit and the $250 per retiree ($500 per retired couple) Economic Recovery Payment. The IRS is offering a toll-free automated line for checking on whether you’ve gotten an Economic Recovery Payment. Taxpayers can call 1-866-234-2942.


Topeka Kansas, Changes it’s Name to Google

The famous city of Topeka, Kansas, USA; has officially changed it’s name to Google, Kansas. The Topeka City mayor announced the month-long change today.

True Story

Is the Hands-Free Law Being Ignored?

After all the time and money it took for the hands free law to come in to effect it seems that people are ignoring it. Headsets aren’t cheap and don’t work as well as simply holding your cell phone. It may be more of a distraction to hear your phone ring in the car and struggle to find the headset, snap it in, and put it on. Read more on this article by clicking here.

Talk of Rationing Amendment Abounds

Growing concern about the limited stock of 800 numbers is creating an even higher demand. The FCC cites toll free service as a “proven” marketing tool for increasing and sustaining business. In fact, studies show that telephone orders can increase up to 60 percent and word of mouth referrals can rise by 200 percent. American adults report that they make an average of 60 toll free calls per year.

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