Consumers’ Peace Of Mind

We know from countless surveys and studies that customers tend to order more merchandise over the phone than by internet or mail order. And customer returns decrease by as much as half if personal customer support is provided over the phone. Response rates soar when advertisements include a toll free number. Studies also show that customers equate toll free phone numbers with high quality services and products. Toll free phone numbers–especially a vanity number that matches a brand name or image–-sends a message that a product and service are of superior quality to those of a competitor.


Google’s iPhone Apps

Google has some cool iPhone applications – or do they? Some suggest that some very nice application presented as being made by Google aren’t really made by Google. Check it out here.

Are Bill Copies Mandatory for Toll Free Porting?

If the phone company doesn’t have safe procedures for verifying the end-user of a toll free phone number before they begin transferring it, then it would be YOUR toll free number being put at risk. What if someone tries to transfer YOUR 1-800 number without your consent either on purpose or on accident, if the phone company doesn’t verify the bill copy, the phone company could be held liable for damages, AND it could severely disrupt the business of the toll-free user and their callers. No legitimate phone company wants to be a part of causing that, it’s an all around bad situation for everybody. The bottom line is that phone companies that require bill copies have no liability because they create an environment that has no liabilities; the other “phone companies” create glitches and cause problems.

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