Toll Free Helps Jobless Get Benefits

The economy is rallying but there is a lag time for new jobs and the unemployment rates are still quite high, even still rising in some states. To address the needs of the unemployed, some states are using toll free numbers to provide information and resources. For instance, New Mexico has launched a new toll free number to help unemployed people claim jobless benefits. The new number, 1-877-664-6984, has service available in English and Spanish.

People seeking unemployment insurance can do their weekly certification and reset their personal identification number using the toll-free telephone number without having to call a state Department of Workforce Solutions customer service representative. The new service has 999 incoming lines and is available 24 hours a day.


Can VoIP Work?

To use VoIP, a broadband, or high speed, connection is required. If the caller is using a regular phone, the connection is converted to a normal telephone connection before it reaches its destination.Get more info here.

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