Media Outlets Continue To Cover Toll Free Service

We are not surprised at all the feedback we are getting over recent media coverage of the impact on toll free numbers on the corporate world, entertainment and hospitality industry, internet companies and personal use. It seems every day some outlet does a story about toll free phone numbers. The advantages of 1-800 numbers are now widely recognized and reported by various media outlets. It can take new businesses several years to create an established professional image. But start-up entrepreneurs now have an opportunity to win customer confidence literally overnight. The day they start offering potential customers a 1-800 number, they reap the benefits of this proven marketing tool.


Disappearing Toll Frees Making Acquiring One Even Harder

Toll free numbers have such an extreme positive impact on any company, that it is rare for business owners to cancel their numbers. A plea for unused numbers to be released offered a brief reprieve earlier this year. But within weeks, the supply dropped again as thousands of new subscribers invested in toll free service each day.

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Do Your Toll Free Homework

Most People aren’t aware of the different toll free providers out there. Get the full list and poll yourself here.