Still Waiting On 855

We were anticipating some news by now, mid-March, about the release of reserved toll free phone numbers, specifically the 855 area codes. Still no official word, although the rumor mill continues to grind with promises that we will see these new numbers made available for public use by this time next year. Good service providers and savvy customers are already preparing so they can scoop up a good custom phone number as soon as these new numbers are released. We will continue to keep you posted.


Toll Free Number Availability is Becoming Diminished

Industry insiders say the soaring popularity of toll free service combined with the failure of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to release additional numbers have created a tight supply of 800 numbers in heavy demand.

Once used primarily by big businesses, 800, 888, 877, and 866 toll free numbers are now popular with small businesses, charities, churches, and for personal use. Toll free service has become a staple of all successful businesses. Demand has grown quickly but the supply of numbers has remained stagnant.

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Increasing Toll Free Cost

Due to the ongoing scarcity of 800 area code phone numbers, recent reports are indicating that phone companies are beginning to raise the cost to obtain 800 numbers.

Many providers are expected to follow suit. Get some eye-opening links here.