RingCentral.com Services Fail Consumers

Ringcentral reported via their twitter account today that their:

“Service is Down”

For almost 3 hours, Ringcentral Services were OUT OF SERVICE. One ringcentral customer said:

It’s disappointing that in the middle of the day on a crucial business Monday, a company like Ringcentral can lose phone service they are suppose to be providing to customers. How can they not ensure reliability?

Services we reported down at 12:43 and up by 3:43 pm PST
March 29th 2010


Educational Help Through Toll Free

We have frequently discussed the use of toll free phone numbers by governments for everything from information about weather, campaigns, employment, health resources and disaster relief. Mow Louisiana has turned it up a notch by using toll free to help education. The Louisiana Department of Education is offering educational assistance to parents and students through its Tutoring Hotline. (The toll-free phone hotline is 1-877-453-2721.) The Tutoring Hotline operates several weeks each year before and during student testing. Tutors will be available to assist students and parents each evening from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, now through April 9.

Toll Frees and Cost

Toll Free Service subscribers? Subscribers will never encounter any surprise costs and hidden fees with toll free numbers obtained through a reputable service provider. Get the total story here.

New Age Decline

The report, filed with the FCC, is elevating concerns within an industry already worried about a potential meltdown. The popularity of the finite amount of toll free numbers, coupled with the failure of the FCC to release new numbers, has created a deficit of availability that is raising red flags throughout the telecommunications world.