Good Toll Free Service From Good Providers

Even with the limited supply of available toll free phone numbers, there are still toll free service providers that can obtain good custom numbers for their customers. It is true that supplies are severely depleted, however, with a reputable company, anyone can still get a very effective toll free number to use in advertising. These knowledgeable providers can also keep customers updated on the release of new toll free 855 numbers, expected to be appearing within the next 18 months. So, remember, there are still good companies within our industry that have been able to work around the dwindling supplies of toll free numbers and can offer their customers exceptional service.


Securing a Toll Free Using Fiber Optics

With a limited number of toll free possibilities, the finite numerical supply is nearly expended. Companies like AT&T and Verizon can quickly secure a number for any subscriber, then offer low rates, a variety of services and reliable fiber optic connections. There are also other providers that offer specialty toll free service at a lower cost – do your research as many do not use fiber optics, therefore diminishing call quality. Get more information here.

Rationing May Cause Further Damage to Weakened Economy

Toll free service is essential for new companies, start-ups and any business trying to get a competitive edge. Insiders are concerned that if the existing available 800 numbers are rationed, some businesses could be doomed.

The severe shortage of 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers already has the toll free service industry feeling uneasy. Now that rumors are circulating that rationing of numbers is about to begin, experts say anyone who wants to obtain a toll free number had better act now.

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