It’s Time For 855

As far as we can determine, there is still no word about a decision to allow more toll free area codes into the telecommunications marketplace. With the majority of existing numbers already taken, the need for new numbers is imminent. Numbers with the 855 (and 844 and so on..) area codes are being held in reserve for this specific purpose. It’s been a decade since new toll free phone numbers have been released for public use and demand grows every year. It’s time.


Business Owners Scared About Toll Free Decline

Heeding recent warnings about the rapid decline of 800 numbers, subscribers are applying for toll free service at record rates. A steady stream of requests are pouring in for toll free 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers and applications are expected to continue to rise this year. With no information on when a new toll free area code will be released, business owners are hard pressed to find a number ASAP. Read more here.

Toll Free Rationing Taken into Consideration

There are no immediate plans to add another toll free pre-fix. In fact, the reserved 855 pre-fix numbers are not expected to be released for several years. Meanwhile, toll free phone numbers have become a staple of the business world and demand is consistently rising.

Industry insiders are recommending that anyone wishing to obtain a toll free number secure one immediately. There are an average of 8,000 new toll free numbers registered each day

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