Auto Industry Banks on Toll Free For Sales

The automobile industry is not the first business to use toll free phone lines en masse during a crisis that creates a major sales movement–but at the moment it may be the industry with the most going on. Coming off 18 months of lackluster sales and with Toyota in a tailspin, automakers are offering unprecedented deals on leases and sales to move cars off their lots. Zero interest loans, rebates, monthly lease payments reduced. And their toll free phone lines are ringing off the hook as buyers take advantage of the deals. March is looking to be a banner month for auto sales.


Illegal Sales of Toll Free Numbers Targeted by FCC

Along with hoarding, the outright sale of specific toll free numbers is likewise illegal. Some crafty entrepreneurs have attempted to skirt the regulations by “leasing” or “renting” numbers. But industry insiders say the crackdown on illegal use of toll free numbers is aimed at this practice too.

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New Patch for Old Problem

Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s flagship web browser is due to receive a security patch today to resolve a 13 year old security hole in the browser that Microsoft says is a critical and severely needed update. Without it, all of IE users info can be leaked over the web. 10 Million PC’s are already known to be infected. Get all the info you need to protect yourself here.