Release 855 Numbers To Improve Finances

If you have been keeping up with recent financial reports in our industry you know that total industry revenues are fluid and in some cases decreasing. Telecommunications services in 2007 were about $238 billion, compared to about $237 billion in 2006. Revenues for fixed local service providers remained at about $78 billion, while wireless service providers’ revenues increased to about $117 billion, from about $110 billion, and toll service providers’ revenues decreased to about $43 billion, from about $49 billion. One way to get the toll free providers’ more revenue is to release the 855 numbers. We hope the FCC heeds this advice.


Higher Cost Canadian Toll Frees

Bell Canada recently announced it is increasing its rates for toll free service. This is an important reminder that subscribers should carefully shop around before signing on for toll free service.Read more about this increase here.


Remember all the hubbub with the DMV shutting down their toll free numbers? The reinstatement of their toll frees was eminent, or is it? Read more here.