844 Numbers Too?

With all the buzz about the possible release of the 855 area codes to add to the existing 866, 877, 888 and 800 toll free phone numbers, there is speculation that the government could release two area codes at once–the 855 and the 844 supplies. A simultaneous double release of new toll free numbers would allow for a huge stock of new, quality, toll free phone numbers for subscribers to choose from. This would be a great boon to the industry.


U.S. Congress Attempts to Keep Up with Emerging Technologies

Virtually all common carriers and telecommunications companies are subject to the regulations under CALEA. This means all telephone communications can be monitored as part of legal, warranted, surveillance by law enforcement agencies. However, fiber optic communications are a possible exception for some wiretapping purposes because detecting transmission through the fiber optic cables is very difficult.

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Toll Free Mnemonics Help

There is an enormous business benefit to owning a memorable vanity toll free phone number. But, subscribers should be given the practical advice that to include the numerical equivalent in some ads near the vanity number. It is also advised that if the majority of your potential customers are senior citizens or teens, including both options (vanity and numerical equivalent) is likewise a good business practice.

Work With A Good Service Provider

Unhappy with your current toll free phone service? Remember that under federal law you can always transfer or “port” your number to another provider that can offer you better rates, more flexible plans, and an array of features. There is no reason to settle for substandard service when you can transfer your number within just a mater of days. A good service provider will do most of the work for you.

The Many Features of Toll Free Service

A toll free number forward to, or rings, at any local number and on any phone. It does not require a special set-up of installation of any kind. There are four toll free pre-fixes, 800, 888, 877, and 866, and they all work the same way. Calls to these numbers are charged to the subscriber, not to the caller. Vanity numbers spell a word or phrase that relates to the business.

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SMSGOV Helps Spread the Word

As telecommunications experts, we are actively spreading the word about the scarcity of good toll free numbers. Are we succeeding? Business owners should be educated and prepared for the shortfall at a time when they may need the advantages of toll free the most. With the economy still floundering, this dearth of available 1-800 numbers comes at a time when economists are advising business owners to shift their marketing tactics to direct response—including using toll free to attract consumers and sustain relationships with existing customers. We know that toll free helps businesses. But getting good numbers, with supplies dwindling, is becoming a challenge. The best advice, still, is to obtain a good toll free phone number today.

Toll Free Exceeds Expectations

The popularity of 1-800 numbers is quickly surpassing standard phone service and exceeding even our industry’s expectations. 1-800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers are increasingly popular for businesses and for personal use. With no plans for the addition of new numbers, the existing supplies are rapidly depleting. This is a chronic problem that will only be rectified by the release of the 855 area code numbers.

International Toll Free Service

In this business, we get a lot of questions about international toll free service. It’s actually a very simple process. With the right toll free service, you can speak to your clients no matter where you are—even if you are traveling outside the United States or Canada. International toll free allows U.S. clients to place toll free calls to any business no matter where it is located. If the business owner or sales representative is traveling, or even living, outside the United States they can still communicate with their clients and continue to expand their business. If a business is set up outside of the U.S. the owner can set up a special international toll free number to attract new American customers and to retain relationships with their existing U.S. customers. Many, but not all, toll free carriers offer international options.

FCC Exercises Control Over Toll Free Numbers

The FCC cannot provide any information about the status of a toll-free number or a request for a toll-free number on behalf of a customer. The FCC cannot reserve or hold numbers for a customer but they can mediate conflicts that arise over rights of ownership of specific numbers.

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Managing Your Toll Free Service

Specialists in the telecommunications industry and experienced business consultants know that it is important that toll free subscribers select a specific phone number that suits their image and is quickly recalled by consumers. It is also essential that business owners and professionals include their 800 numbers on websites, business cards, brochures, , and in every single advertisement. Toll free is the best marketing tool–but it is important to manage your numbers and use them to your best advantage.