Clearing Up Mixed Messages About Toll Free

There appears to be some mixed messages circulating out there about whether the dire need for new toll free phone numbers will result in a dreaded rationing program. Some say it could still occur–and it just might. But the good news is that the industry expects the long-awaited release of new toll free numbers (presumably the 855 area code numbers) and that increased supply of open numbers could prevent rationing, reduce the black market for premium numbers, and will open the doors for thousands and thousands of subscribers to obtain a creative new phone number. Stay tuned.

Rationing Scare Has Potential To Delay or Deny New Applications

To overcome shortages of 1-800 numbers in the past, 888 and 877 were introduced in 1996 and 1998 respectively. Then, in 2000 the 866 numbers debuted. But toll free numbers have become such a valuable commodity that the stock is once again depleted.

The value of a 1-800 number has become a necessity for any business. Toll free numbers allow callers to reach businesses, organizations and even friends and relatives without being charged for the call. A toll free number lends credibility to any business, enhances customer service, and increases customer confidence. There are no additional installations needed for a 1-800 number and the calls can be routed to any cell phone, landline, or fax. Studies show that sales can double and word of mouth referrals can increase by as much as 200% making toll free service indispensable for business.

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